New Fisherman Help Requested

Hi, all.

I posted this same thing on Westfly this morning and troutseeker (thanks, troutseeker) suggested I post it over here as well.

I live a long way from Washington, but a good friend in Seattle wants to learn to fish and teach his son in the process. He (the father) has no fishing experience at all beyond the day last spring I took him on the Provo River and he caught three small browns during a BWO hatch.

Anyway, he wants to try fishing in the Seattle area and wants to take his 5-year-old son along. I suggested that he check with local shops to see if there are any public lakes, ponds, etc where panfish might be available. I figure both of them are probably so clueless that going trout fishing on their own would likely be an exercise in futility. If they could find some water with willing bluegills or whatever, maybe they could learn a few things and have fun in the process.

I really know nothing about the availability of this kind of thing in the Seattle area. Any help would sure be appreciated.

If you'd rather not post publicly, you can email me direct at [email protected]

Here's your chance to help a kid get started on the path to being a fisherman :)

Thanks in advance. If you would like any info on Utah or Wyoming fishing, I'd be happy to oblige. One of these days, I'm going to venture out your way and chase sea-run cutts around.

being politically correct sucks

fishing is tough around here now. too cold for gills, maybe perch at lake washington. trout lakes are fished out unless you go over the mountains to the "quality lakes." silvers are non existant, chums maybe, tough call.

Your friend's best bet is going to be Lake Washington for perch, which should be very good right now. The lake has excellent perch fishing in the fall, both in terms of numbers and size of fish. If he has access to a boat, the area around Luther Burbank Park on the east side of Mercer Island, and the waters between Kirkland and Evergreen Point are good bets. He should concentrate on the areas where the weed beds drop away to deep water. Start with worms or pieces of worm, then switch to small chunks of perch flesh once you get one. (He can also try small panfish jigs and/or little bright attractor flies.)

If he doesn't have a boat, then he should go to a fishing pier on the lake so he can access better water than he'll be able to from shore. Gene Coulon Park in Rento is supposed to be good. Linc's (Link's?) Tackle in the Central Area of can help him w/ locations, and he might check w/ Outdoor Emporium downtown.

Perch are a great way to get a kid (ar an adult) started, they are apparently very tasty, and no one has to feel guilty about taking home a mess o' them, as the Lake Washington population is extremely healthy (and exotic, making it, if anything, too healthy).

Wish him luck for us.

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