Ham's fork river, wyoming part 2

mike doughty

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myself, rockstar caddis and luckybalbowa drove over to the ham's fork in wyoming. niether of those 2 had ever fished it and according to the flows chart it had dropped to 1/2 of what it was flowing when my son and i were there last friday. around 11am the stoneflies started coming off and thick, none of us had ever seen such a thick hatch. there were some many bugs that it became really annoying, picking them off your face, head, arms they were crawling insidfe my glasses. surprisingly even with all the bugs there wasn't that much surface activity. between the 3 of us we caught roughly 6-7 dozen fish, unfortunately some were dinks so i guess we could count those as a 1/2 a fish. i am not sure the fly selection for 'lucky', but for me it was a prince nymph, my modified flashback hares ear and a blue copper john and for rockstar copper john's in different colors were producing well. looks like i might be going again next weekend.
this trip was awesome! I had a blast. The fish were so lively and strong (and not too picky which was nice).

Mad crazy props to Mike for doing the recon on this river the week before. Cant wait to go back.

Pat M

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The only thing missing from it was Nova and the Pug's pizza. We were starving by the end of that day for sure. It was nice to have meet you Mark. Great times. Lots of laughs. Will do it again.

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