UK Trip

Spent four days fishing streams in the United Kingdom last week. Spent three nights fishing the Garden Grove Beat on River Towy for seatrout. See pic 4. Fishing was slow. We landed two fish to three pounds. One fish on a skated bomber (they call them surface lures) and 1 fish on a 2 inch silver stoat tube fly. Learned the pools however and expect to do better next year now that I've done the R&D.

Stopped at Stockbridge to buy mayflies at Robjents (pic 7) and to watch people feed bread to trout in the River Test (pic 8). They were cutting weeds on the Test so we had to fish the river Avon. We used size 8 extended body mayflies which looked like green drakes. The browns were cautious but would come up for a drag free drift if the leader was sunk (see pics 9,10,11).
It was sunshine and 70's during the day but it didn't seem to bother the spring creek trout. The sunshine didn't impact the seatrout fishing because we fished for them from 11PM to 4AM each night.

Am really intrigued about the possibilities of skated dries for sea trout. Can't be too much different from summer steelheading except that you do it in the dark.

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