Dorothy/Bear/Deer/Snoqualmie Lakes


I'm planning a little backpacking trip and was wondering if anyone has fished Lake Dorothy, Bear Lake, Deer Lake, and/or Snoqualmie Lake? All the lakes are located within the Alpine Lakes Wilderness (trail 1002). Any information would be greatly appreciated.

They are all large lakes best fished from a raft. Fishing can be tough at times in all of them. If you're lucky you'll be able to catch 4 different species of fish. You didn't say when you are going on your trip, but the snow pack is fairly heavy this year and Deer or Bear could still be frozen. I've seen them still frozen in early July.
I made the trip up to Pugsley last summer, it was well worth it.

FYI, there is a small camp where the outlet from pugsley drains into dorothy if you decide to stay overnight and fish both lakes.