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I got this Friday (November 1st) off and was hoping to go lake fishing. I fished Lenice last week and would like to try another lake (it has really slowed down at Lenice). Anyone been out to Lenore, Lone or Beda lake (or any worthwhile lake) recently that can give a report on how the fishing is and water temp/lake condition?

Any help will be appretiated.



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Have you ever checked either Anderson Lake up by Port Townsend or Martha Lake west of Arlington and over on Lakewood Rd? Martha Lake, which I have fished numerous times, has lots of big trout--and they can be very big. The only deal is figuring out what they happen to be interested in. After talking with Skip Morris, I recommend checking the regs on Anderson. There has been a lot of work to make this lake a quality fishery; however, this has resulted in a slice of the season being only C&R. What part, I don't know, as well as whether it is also a seasonal lake. Still, I've caught fish as big as anything I've pulled out of even Dry Falls--and even larger than Lone.

As far as Martha Lake's temperature, it's been running around the mid to lower 50's in the past week. I've even seen trout lurking in the very shallows nipping at some mystery bugs. I did twice get a strike on a Quigley cripple but ended up putting off that zone after losing both. Haven't seen much there in that paticular location since. Still, I know there are fish in the shallower waters. It's just a matter of figuring out what they're interested in. I suppose that goes for any piece of water, eh? But once you know, you're in the $$$$! :THUMBSUP

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The only reason I'm spilling the beans on my favorite local lake is that I'm gonna be out of the fishing picture for a couple of months, due to work. All I ask is that people let me in on what is working on those temperamental fish and not keep everything you catch. Email me at [[email protected]} for all you who check out this sometimes very phat fishery. There is a very nice 16 inch rainbow that I C&R'd a little over a week ago--and that's not the biggest I've scored there so far.


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If you want to head south Merrill and Coldwater have been fishing well. I fished Merrill off the bank last week and did well casting WB. Coldwater has been very good this October. All the fish at Coldwater were caught at the north end.

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How much pressure does Martha lake get. I know that there are a lot of homes all around the lake. I've driven past there but I'm always going some where else to fish.

Of all the good lake water to fish locally I keep going to the rivers and keep ending up with blanks. Maybe I should start with lakes,it can't get any worse.



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Hey Old Man, your third sentence is the answer to your question. I like fishing Martha Lake because everyone else makes the Spring openers at Ki and Goodwin or would rather not have to drive so far to make a lake. This translates into myself usually being the only person fishing. Even on the weekends I've only shared it with one or two other people when I've actually thought to dare to go.

True there are homes around 2/3 the lake, but there's plenty of varied shoreline habitat to provide food and cover for trout and other fish. I've seen excellent chironomid hatches, some mayflies, and even rather large crayfish.

One last reason to give Martha a shot. You can catch rainbows, cutthroats, AND browns. My best day there gave me four cutthroats at around 12" and two rainbows at 16" and 18"--all within an hour on a hot chironomid hatch in mid-March. The water temperature was either in the low 50's or the mid 40's. Have fun.

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