Sculpin are gross.
Would someone be so good as to tell me how to get to docs? I drive across the narrows all the time, but to me at least there is no obvious acess, and there is no parks or anything like that shown on my map. Thanks in advance!
Immediately after crossing the bridge (going west) take the first possible right and then a left at the top of the exit ramp. Then follow the signs that say "Bridge Viewing Area." In just a few minutes, you'll arrive at Narrows Park (at least, I think that's what they call it). You'll have miles of beach access awaiting you. Good Luck.


Sculpin are gross.
Figured I would hijack my own thread instead of starting a new one...anyone know what the deal with the land north of the narrows and south of pt. D is? It doesnt look like there is much acess to it from my gazetteer, seems like the best way to get there is walk along the railroad tracks from titlow, cause I have walked along the beach from pt. D and its nealy impassable once you round the pt. Just wondering if anyone has been to this area and if it is worth exploring? Maybe its rail-road land?


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Haven't fished that side for a while, but, a few years back, there used to be a small park on the east end of the bridge(it's under the new bridge now). My buddies and I would climb over the fence and scramble down the hill to the tracks and work the shoreline. I don't know where you'd be able to park now. No help I know, but the E. shore was pretty productive in the later summer and fall for silvers with a herring pattern fast stripped on a full sink 7 wt.(it was what all I had at the time :) ) I did best on the flood of a mild change of 2-4 ft, on the seams and back eddys. My fishing buds would toss gear and bait but I generally caught the larger and more aggressive fish, just not as many.

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