Flyfishing/Skiing in a day

Have any of you flyfishers out there ever done the prestigious double wammy? Although the somewhat prestigous golf/flyfishing in a day is somewhat rare, I do believe going skiing, then flyfishing is much more rare. Has anyone out there experienced the magic of both worlds in a day?

Back in the single college days.... AHHHH!

Morning skiing the powder of Sundance Ski Resort in Utah, followed by fly fishing the Provo River.

To quote the beer commercial: "You know guys, it just doesn't get any better than this."

Amen to that!


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I've done the ski and sail in a day, when Crystal was open in July a couple years back. If you go BC skiing, you can fish/ski almost any day of the year. The ski/fish thang is easy in Western WA. How about upping it a bit? Sayyyy... Deep Powder and Native Steelhead? Hwy 2 would be the easy answer. Or Alpental and the Snoqualmie River. Mt Baker and the Nook or Skagit? Whistler and the Sqamish? It can be done! :THUMBSUP

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Well, I would think that one would have to set some goals for this, say shooting in the 70's, then skiing say 50,000' and catching a steelie.

Now there is a goal that should be attainable in a day. I dare you.

I would come along, but I am feeling my age, and I have Ironman Canada under my belt. And for such a set of events as easy as golf, skiing and catching a steelie, well, IMC is just a little harder.

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OK, since skiing powder and catching a native steelie in WA is easy, I guess I'll just hammer the IMC. At least I control my own destiny there. Wait, I hate physical pain! Never mind.
Oh Yah,

One day last winter. Was on the MF Snoqualmie from about 8:00 to 11:00 dragging tiny nymphs over rocks, hit the slopes at Snoqualmie Central from about 12:30 - 6:00, and met my wife at 8:00 in North bend for dinner and a movie. It was a beautiful thing. Boy did I sleep well that night.

Happy Trails,

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Skiied White Pass from 9-1 and fished the Yakima from 2-4.

When I lived in So. Cal. I used to ski Big Bear in the morning (in April, in shorts and a tee shirt) and played golf that afternoon. I was a lot younger then, also!


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Ya Just know I had to add mine! March 02, Ski Sun Valley Idaho from Lift opening to noon, drove over to the Salmon River, hit steelhead until dark, even 2 hours beyond until my line started to freeze to my gloves. Drove back to Sun Valley, got drunk, passed out, got up and did it again the next day. Too much work if ya ask me!

You guys are going to make me feel like a living legend, especially you "fishforfun". Down at Mt. Bachelor/Bend I did the illustrious triple: fish, golf and ski.

A great day that ended with some tired quads in a hot tub.
Last February met up with an old Oklahoma State U frat buddy of mine in Breckinridge, CO. We took a guide out to the south fork of the South Platte. It was the middle of Feb, so we worked our asses off throwing downstream mends and size 20-22 thread-body midges and I landed only a fish, a pretty snake bodied Brown of 15". Hit the slopes in the evening. After that we drank whisky/beer and b.s.'d in a hot tub with some fun lovin' chicks and then took em' out to a cigar bar.

Beat that!

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On our honey moon, we went to a gorgous lodge in BC. We took a float plane to a remote lake and caught so many fish so easily it was rediculous. Not too many guys get as much, well lov'in, and as much fish'in in one day as they could possibly want, then go and do it again the following day :THUMBSUP

Now it's kind of unrealistic to wake up at 4am and expect some attention from the wife before a full day of fishing, but when it happens, your day is just that much better - even if it's 20 degrees out and you don't touch a fish all day... Well, maybe when I get old I'll have to start thinking about golf :TONGUE
Something I should of posted in my first: Is it possible to flyfish,ski,and golf 18 holes in one day?? That would be the best day of my life especially if I caught something while fishing. :LOVEIT

It's actually pretty easy if you do cross-country skiing -- Just hit the Iron Horse trail that parallels the Yakima. It's flat, easy skiing, and when the trail gets close enough to the river, just ski on over and do some fishing!
Absolutely possible and Whistler Mtn. would be the place to nail this "trifecta". Don't know how early golf starts up there but the courses are snow free (generally) by 3rd. week of March. Skiing can be sensational in April and I have skiied foot deep powder as late as the 21st of April. Skiing goes on even after that but you won't ski down the entire mtn. - need a lift ride to return to base area. Local Rivers are the Squamish and Lillooett and there are guides at Whistler who specialize in the flyfishing experience up there. Might even have time for a 10 mi. Mtn. Bike ride?? Yeahhh! :THUMBSUP

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