Lost Lake...still lost

I spent about 4 hours hiking the gated access roads looking for Lost Lake north of Monroe. The gazateer shows the lake which appears to be a mile or so west of Lake Chaplain. Does anyone know how to get there ? I know folks don't want to give up information on the net so if you're willing to e-mail me...


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A friend of mine guided me in about 4 or 5 years ago, I might be able to find the way in again...

If you do go, you should take a tube, shore access sucks....
I Recommend a hand held GPS with mapping software for those who arent good with a map and compass! I dont know how many times ive looked at a map and said... "the lake is just over the that saddle... it wont be hard to find" then i end up walking 9 miles to get to a lake that only should have taken like 3...


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I can help if anyone still needs directions, but I would not recommend going in there at this time of year. The water temp will be very warm and I doubt there'd be much fish activity until dark.