Doc's report 7/5/06


Sculpin are gross.
Finally got out to doc's this evening and fished the incomeing tide (6-8). Man, yall were right, there is a lot more action on the west side of the narrows, TONS of baitfish jumping, unfortunately I was not able to locate any sportfish, which made me the baitfish only jump when being chased by larger fish, or were they just dicking around? I didnt see any large fish jump, and as much as a novice as I am, none of the other fellows seemed to be having much action either, any clues as to what would cause such activity?
Bait fish live in a precarious world, and everything makes them jump. You can also have sculpins and flat fish coming up from the bottom working bait overhead, that never show themselves, but start a chain reaction of avoidance in the bait school, and even small sportfish will attack bait nearly half their size. I've seen bird shadows start a panic.


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Are you sure they are baitfish that are jumping? There has been an outmigration of salmon smolt along the Narrows for the past couple weeks. They do a lot of "happy Jumping" on their way out. Bait will flee from predators in "sprays" usually folowed by some sign of rushing fish.



Sculpin are gross.
Thanks for the imput guys. It seemed to be a mixture then, as the size of the fish was quite variable 2-6 inches maybe...thanks