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I was flyfishing the Duwamish from a canoe for many Coho that were hitting the surface but couldn't intice one to take. :(

The surface action was amazing!, however I didn't see any anglers take any fish.

I was fishing a orange/white clouser and pink/white. There was no indication these Salmon were taking baitfish. I didn't see one baitfish break the surface.

Any idea what this surface activity is and what they're feeding on?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I believe that the Green/Duwamish is closed until Sept 15th on the lower portion, October 1st on the upper sections...

Yep, I've got the regs here... It closed Aug 15th... or July 30th depending on if you were below the 277th bridge or above it....



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I am not an expert in this area but my experience tells me that many salmon when hitting fresh water for the 1st time will dispaly significant surface activity. They are most likely not feeding. They are are going through quite a physiological change in adapting to fresh water, their bodies have to start retaining salt instead of expelling it, and their scales become much tighter. Perhaps it just tickles?? Or perhaps they are so excited to reach their home waters that they are celebrating? I have seen this up on the sky, the lower stilly and even with sockeye in Lk Wash. In this case people were catching fish at 40- 80' depth. The surfacing fish were not likely to bite.
I have heard that river Coho are very hard to catch on a fly. Most people that fish for them use bait :-(
Quite a change from a few weeks earlier when they are feeding voraciously:9
I don't know how salty the Duwamish is were you fished... maybe the very smell of fresh water turns the bite off. Perhaps an incoming tide would be the best.

good luck any way

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Thanks for the heads up on the regs!

When I initially scoped it from the small pier, the abundance of anglers fishing from boats and shore gave me the idea it must be okay to fish. Sounds like it isn't.

I'll be certain to check the regs myself prior to fishin.

Thanks again for the tip.

I feel like a bad bad man :(
No problem...

The only reason I know is cause I fished there early Sept., went to check my regs on Salmon and..... IT WAS CLOSED!!!! I'm not worthy to hold a fly rod in my hands....:(
Seems to me I've heard that the top of the flood can turn the salmon bite on in tide-water. I agree that's it's not likely those fish were feeding. Generally salmon go off the feed well before they even enter the river. Actually those Green River coho have a reputaion as pretty good takers. I think blue-and-white and blue-and-silver flies with a lot of flash and a lot of action are supposed to be the ticket. I belive flies should be tied in steelhead- or Alaska-type sizes, but that's an assumption. Check with the fly shop nearest you.


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Thanks for the advice. I spoke with kman on Sunday and they suggested sparse clousers and trying something outlandish like huge surface flies. Strip em quick and quicker if something looks interested. More splash on the surface the better. I gave it a shot but no luck.

Now that I've been educated to the regs I won't be fishin it until it's open.

Any suggestions on some good beaches for flycasting to Salmon? I'd be willing to hit the Peninsula. Lincoln Park is a little busy for my taste.


hey jump on the fauntleroy ferry to southworth walk up the ferry dock youll see a road that goes to the water walk to the right side of the ferry dock start casting make your way down the point if there is a eddy at the point fish it. clousers work well to jumpers.candle fish paterns are good to. the kitsap peninsula is on fire red hot jumpers and schools everywhere. incoming tide is best i think but crack of dawn cant be beat. they hang out under the lights at the ferry terminal at night then in the morning its like tuna fishing right at dawn, dusk is decent also.dont be surprized if you hook a 4# cutt either there startin to go on the prowl. good luck hope to see you there well worth the 30 minute boat ride. normally wouldnt be tellin people this but were all fly fisherman here. ;)


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Hey Ben hogg,

Thanks for the hot tip.;) I'm thinkin I'll ride my mountain bike on the ferry and see what kind of trouble I can get myself into. FlyFishing for Salmon can't be beat!

Is it less crowded over there then at Lincoln Park??? I'd imagine so. I don't care for being crammed between a bunch of gear chuckers. They get really angry when you out fish em on the fly:p

Thanks again for the tip! Hope to see ya out there.


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