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I have one pattern finished, but I'm a bit concerned about inadequate floation and will send a second version to show a different option. Should be finished this evening or tomorrow morning.


James Mello

Inventor of the "closed eye conjecture"
Flies are tied and will be in priority mail tommorow. Just to let you guys know, I couldn't find a "pure dry" pattern I really like (and would fish) that wasn't a sparkle caddis, so I did some parasol caddis instead. Hopefully this doesn't violate the swap rules. :)

-- Cheers
-- james

James Mello

Inventor of the "closed eye conjecture"
troutman101 said:
Okay guys, swap is done. I am going fishing tomorrow and then doing the mailing on Saturday. Expect flies in your mailbox early next week.
Help! Troutman address needed? Please PM me with it! I'm lame and forgot to send the flies out like I said I would on monday! :(
James, your flies came today so guess what that means....

Yup, flies are getting photographed and then mailed out on Wednesday.

Thanks again for contributing. These are just what the troutman ordered.
Okay guys, I was a little behind in getting the packages out. All of them went in the mail and will be picked up Monday at noon.

The good news; any of the flies are October Caddis dries. Perfect for right now eh?

Go catch some fish!

Thanks for participating.

Thank you Tony for a Great Swap ! Sorry I didn't tag mine, it's the CDC Caddis. Also sorry I forgot to put money in there for Ya. I completely spaced it out, I was so busy getting ready for my daughters to come out I completely spaced it. I am sending you a check to cover the cost. All of the Flies are superb! I can't wait to try them out.