Here we go again - Announcing A Spey Day, 30 Nov

One of my hopes in initiating the nano-clave a few weeks ago was that we would be able to drum up commercial interest. With commercial interest, manufacturer's reps and folks from the local fly shops would show up with rods and lines to cast, contests, instructors for clinics, etc. This, of course, would be in addition to the opportunity for a bunch of folks to get together and thrash about in really frigid water.

Well, River Run Anglers in Carnation (a fly shop specializing in spey fishing - is interested in participating in the next spey clave. Aaron Reimer, the owner, is very supportive of what we're doing, i.e., just a group of folks getting together to cast rods, show off a little, and learn a lot. Aaron is also a casting instructor and will be available for casting evaluations and casting instruction (free!!!). Along with his expertise, he will be bringing a bunch of rods and lines for us to try out.

I've also learned from Aaron that a group of guys calling themselves "Northwest Speycasting" is interested in participating. They are just an informal group of Speyrod fanatics who get together to have fun. Evidently, you guys know who you are, but I've never heard of you before this. I want to join. What's the secret handshake?

Anyway, I'm announcing a "Spey Day". It is somewhat more than a nano-clave now that we have at least one commercial participant. The date will be Saturday, November 30th beginning at 11:00AM at the confluence of the Snoqualmie and Tolt rivers in Carnation, Wa. Like the Ben Howard Boat Launch, this location has a nice long pool bordered by a gentle gravel bar. But unlike the Ben Howard launch, the bar is river right, favoring right handers this time.

If you are unable to make it, do not be concerned. We'll try to have one every 3 months or so, alternating between River Right (Carnation, etc.,) and River Left (Ben Howard, etc.,)

Also, bring your single-hander! I've just learned the Turbo Spey, a spey cast with a single-hander that incorporates a haul on the forward cast. You single-hander guys NEED to learn this. You can really jack some line out there with very little effort and no false casting.


P.S. I am, in no way, affiliated with River Run Anglers.
I would like to know more about and when. I am a 2 hander and it amazes me that the word doesn't get out about these events. Guess I need to learn the secret handshake. Let me know how, where to contact someone to get the details.
Hi: Sure wish you Spey guys/gals got all fired up when I was out in the PACNW visiting my sister nr Seattle. I brought both Spey Rods and had no one to get together with. I was there in July and again in Sept (for the Salmon Run which didn't take place. I hope you don't get all worn out before my next trip out. Spey casting/fishing really has had a slow start here on the East Coast.Enjoy your day on the water. BTW I had booked the Derek Brown class with Kaufmann's for 29 Sept but they had to cancell out. Thanks.
Bob Studen

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What do I know---I'm just an old man

I'll be there. I wouldn't miss it for the world.Since I'm having trouble casting my 9 1/2 8wt. Maybe that Turbo Spey cast will help and I need all the help I can get. Any more of those Krispy Kreams? :THUMBSUP


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What do I know---I'm just an old man

Hey FlyfishermanNY. Check out that web site flytalk,not to sure what the .com address is,But you should be able to get good info from the people on the East coast that spey fish. Hey Michael, help him out on this one.


Edit: I just checked it out and it is

I was at the confluence of the Snoqualmie and the Tolt yesterday. The river is up but there is still plenty of room for a number of people to cast so plan on comming to the Spey Day on the 30th. I stopped by to visit with Speybum and asked about what happens if the rains continue and the river blows out. He said no problem, we can just walk over th McDonald park and cast on the grass. It looks like there will be a good turnout. EVERYBODY is welcome. There should be many rods and line combinations to try. The last one on the Sky was a great time. Come spend some time with a great bunch of two handed casters.



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Jim jim jim,

Let's have a contest. Who can eat the most and look like they've eaten the least. You could eat one and look like you've eaten 100. hahahahahahaha

Hey Jim:
I just caught up with your message on East Coast Spey group. I will visit their site and take it all in. Good luck with the upcoming SpeyClave on 30 November. Thanks for the tip.
Bob Studen
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