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In my research for wing materials (another thread), I ran across the "wing cutters" and synthetic wing foams......I must say that I'm intrigued by this tool.

The caddis imitation displayed on the web-page was remarkably lifelike. It appears that this method is faster and produces a more realistic fly.

Are they worth the expense or just a useless tool designed to hook the fisherman???

Comments appreciated.



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I can't believe it.......With all the opinions flying around on this board, I actually found a thread that nobody has a response for. I'm astonished.:eek:


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I haven't used them and I don't think that they (or wing burners) are very common tools among your average fly tiers. A main reason that I haven't gone that way is that they aren't cheap and I would want to own different sizes and different designs to mimic different bugs. The cost ($40ish for a set of four to six cutters) may make sense if you were tying professionally; otherwise, you can trim the same materials by hand if you're only tying a dozen or so flies at a time. They do appear to create realistic wings, but I don't know how finicky the wings are to tie on in the correct attitude, nor how robust they are. I might be more tempted to use them for lake patterns where the fish have a chance to really eyeball the bug before making a decision.

Let me borrow yours after you buy a set and I'll let you know what I think.



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Cabezon. Thank you for the response. The reason I posted the question is the price tag. I've only been tying for a few months and did not know if these were a common tool that everybody has, or more of a luxery tool that is nice to have, but not necessary. Based on the limited volume that I actually tie, I'll stick with the traditional methods and cut my own for now. Much appreciated.....MK

Kent Lufkin

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I've seen similar cutters for creating oval foam bodies for big terrestrial patterns. But as Cabezon points out, given their relatively high cost and how few foam bodied flies the average guy is likely to tie, they seem like something that might appeal more to a production tyer.



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Thanks Kent. I'll pocket the cash and save it for something that I'll actually use. Perhaps toward paying off my last fly rod purchase.:beathead:

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