your most effective streamer

I am sure I will get flamed for asking a question like this.. But just wondering what people feel like thier best streamer is..

I havn't done alot of streamer fishing but would like to do some more.. Sounds fun and its a different approach for me..

I have tried a few different ones swinging them.. Not sure of the names, stuff I got at variouse fly shops.. Had a little success, but none of the streamers seem any better than the next..

Oops important tidbit.. I am mostly targeting trout in rivers.....


Kyle Smith

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My favorite: my wool-headed sculpin thing. Weight your hook a bit. Tie in four brown saddle hackles at the bend matuka-style. Then tie in thick wire. Wrap a dubbing or chenille or whatever body. Pull saddles forward and tie off like a zonker or matuka. wrap wire forward over saddles and tie off. wrap tied-off ends of saddle hackles around the hook once(four feathers) and tie off once again. tie in some bead-chain eyes in front of hackle, and some brown wool yarn or dubbing and wrap it behind, criss-cross/around the eyes, and once in front of the eyes. whip finish and head cement. sorry, no photo, but this fly has caught me most of my largest trout. it's like a muddler, I tie it in size 2 or 4, it sinks like a rock and looks just like a fish. I'm sure it's no invention of mine.
My second-favorite: sizes 6-10 conehead marabou muddler in black or yellow.
My third-favorite: sizes 2-6 beadhead bunny leech in black, purple or mix. Good in the salt for searuns, too.


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If you get flamed for streamer fishing, we're all in big trouble:eek: I have alot I like, but right now, for trout, I like the yellow and black MOAL.


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i think it is a good question, wish i had thought of it. mine is a muddler. it has about as many different options as a bugger. sometimes it is not the fly but how and where in the water column you use it. mike w
I am sure the wooly buggers and the leeches are great for fishing, but I just have a thing with not using them, It's my own personal thing, and no offense to anyone using them, and it's completely unfounded too but I feel there too easy to go to, so I use a Mickey Finn and a Hornberg and both work great!
Wolly buggers, hands down. Black and Olive flash seem to work best for me. Black on cloudy days, olive when there is some sun. On a really sunny day try a mickey finn. I personally dont swing em too much. Try stripping them, see if that produces.


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Wooly Bugger. Olive and black. For true minnow eaters, which I don't run into too often, it's hard to beat a nice zonker, but for reactive strikes, the wooly wins.


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Rainbow Leech :) Named Rainbow but only has black/purple/aqua colored fur with gold beadhead....amazing on all trout (lakes and rivers) and sometimes salmon too! not SH yet :(
I like double bunnies in black brown and white combos. I also did really well today with a black lead-eye bunny leach with a stinger hook. When I get to the second to last palmering wrap I tie in a cardinal red mallard flank and finish the fly with a natural gadwall flank collar. Both of these flies are really quick to tie and work well.
Weighted Muddler Minnow, and Weighted Wet Spider. The Wet Spider is an old summer run steelhead fly but it works great as a streamer. It has a mallard flank tail, yellow chennille body wing and beard of mallard flank also. I have seen tied with an orange body also. But, I first learned to tie it with yellow chennille. I have caught bass, crappie, rainbow, cutthroats, browns on the yellow spider a great fly. I tie it on a # 8 streamer hook. Muddler is just a great streamer.

Magic Hat. Basically a purple and flash bugger with a little prop blade in front. Kills them at night in lakes and in fast moving water. I've caught a bunch of species on it. Works great on the Cedar.

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