Reely, Reely Cheap

As I've said before, there's a need for an entry-level fly reel of spey line capacity. The Cortland Magnum has been discontinued. The largest Medalist works for smaller spey lines; but something with bigger capacity is needed.

I may have found the answer. There is a Korean-made, graphite series of fly reels, marketed here as the Crystal River Cahill. I recently bought the largest one, the CR-0008, on eBay for $3 and change! Others have sold there for similar price. FWIW, the list price is $29.99, and it's listed from various eBay stores from $9.99 to $24.95.

At 9.2 ounces, it has rim control, a stylish face plate, and a disc drag that is strong at max. setting. I test-filled mine with an XLT 8/9 and sufficient gellspun backing. Only time will tell whether this reel is a misbegotten Third World POS, or the biggest bargain since Herter's going-out-of-business sale.


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While not that 'cheep,' another one to consider is the new Cortland LTD II 9-12. Blank on what it cost me, but not expensive at all. Good drag system, etc., ... but one 'soft spot' appears to be a removeable gear (the flop over to change from right to left handed wind) at the bottom of the center shaft.

That said, Cortland was most accomodating and is sending me a couple of new ones 'for free.'

That said, off to Google to look up the above reel; a Guy can never have too many?

Hal Eckert

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Thanks man I am off to ebay also to check it out. It will be cheaper than another $ 125 spool for my 20 year old Marryat MR9 !!!



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