Twin Lakes MBNF

Went up to Twin Lakes on Saturday with a couple of friends. I caught 5 Brookies (5-9" range) all on an size 14 egg laying stonefly in a couple hours during the afternoon. Other buddy caught 4 brookies of similar length on a gray mayfly.
Our Other buddy caught less trout than we did, and he was using a lure. (I am an elitist and don't like fishing with baitslingers...even if they are my buddies. I ribbed him on this one for awhile.)

Anyhow, I only fished the lower lake. All the fish seemed to be hanging out on the deeper side of the lake swimming around within 20 feet or so from the shore. A couple of moments were a little more difficult to cast because of the wind. We did see a few bigger Brookies of over a foot in length, but everytime they were presented with a fly or just even saw one of our flies they usually swam away from it... The smaller fellas were not as smart. I heard reports that the upper lake was not as good.

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