┬┐Recommendations for backcountry Glacier Peaks Wilderness or area flyfishing?

I will be in the Darrington/ MT. Vernon area first week in August and want to do a short backcountry hiking trip to flyfish. Any recommendations on what lakes, streams, or areas that are good backcountry fishing. I am willing to drive about 1-2 hrs from Darrington and hike 3-5 hours. I am taking my bro. in law and this will be his first time flyfishing so I want it to be very successful. I'm not interested in size as much as catching lots of trout or other fish. I have looked at Glacier Peak Wilderness area, Boulder River, and surrounding forest service area for hiking, but I know nothing about the flyfishing there.
I would appreciate any advice on where to go or who to talk to.

thanks, Jake

David Loy

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I have always wanted to hike in to Kennedy along the White Chuck River with a fly rod in late summer. Or hike in part way and fish part way back. There's a ton of gorgeous water enroute but I've never fished it. I don't even know if there are fish in it due to the glacier silts most of the year. I have made the trip to Kennedy and then up to Lake Byrne a few times. That's a tougher and longer hike than your post lists. Decent fishing and a hellofabigbrite sky at midnight. And you can almost reach out and touch GP.
If you do fish the WCR, please post or PM me.
If I remember right, the floods of 2003 buried Kennedy Hot Springs under many feet of mud and the trail was wiped out in numerous places. I'd check with the Forest Service on the status of the trail before considering it.


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I hope you dont mind if I piggy back your thread, but I was looking for a good overnighter backpacking trip for a beginner backpacker. Have done enough hikes and such, but no overnight backpacking. Of course a lake at the end worth fishing would also be great! It would have to be a fairly short hike as we wont be leaving until about 5 on friday night. Something off I90 would be best. I have done my searching but have only come up with a couple that are highly frequented by boy scouts and school groups.(too many kids for me!)
I have done Marten Lake off the Taylor River trail a couple of times.....it is about a two mile hike on the TRT to the Marten Lake trail...from there its probably about a mile and a half to two miles up to the lake...the last part of the marten lake trail is kinda sh*tty, but if you can get up there, great place to camp, and if you can get a floattube up there, lots of hungry fish along the shorelines that would be otherwise unreachable without a major bushwack....it's off either exit 32 or exit 34 out of north bend, i can't remember which off hand...


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Looks like we are going to just do annette lake. Will be crowded, but we will only have about 2 hours or so of daylight, so need to keep it short. Jason, thanks for the suggestion of melakwa, looks like a good trip. Will hopefully do that next. Will post a report on this thread about the hike and fishing.
As promised a report on our hike.
Left friday afternoon and got to the trailhead at about 6pm. After reading reports, it sounded like it would be busy. It wasnt. There were about 5 cars in the parking lot and came across three groups on the way up. It was a little steep all the way up. Got to the lake about 8pm and pitched the tent, got a small fire going, and then I started hearing rises. threw the rod together and headed to the lake. Oh yeah, we were the only ones camping that night. Within a few casts, got a hard fighting 7-8" cutt on some dry fly I tied, I dont know what it was, but it floated and caught a fish. Got too dark to see the fly or the brush behind me so went to the fire. Went to bed and within an hour of getting in the tent, I hear this scratching on the tent. Damn mice!!! This scratching went on all night!!! Also heard footsteps at about 2am, dont know what it was, oh well. Got up in the morning and on top of our backpacks was mouse shit all over! ggeeeeewwww!!! Caught one more fish in the morning, about 3-4". All in all a great hike, float tube would have been a blast, would do it again.

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