North Sound Report

Dale Dennis

Formally Double-D
Caught the early incoming tide at first light Saturday morning with a fishing bud and headed to my favorite searun beach (in a boat). When we arrived the cutts were already feeding heavily on the bait, didn't get an opportunity to find out what the bait was but they were every where and the cutts were on them. Every now and then you could see gulls picking injured bait fish off the water. All in all lots of searuns most of them in the 13" to 16" range, for some reason we didn't see many of the larger cutts this time. First two casts of the morning with a 2" light olive and white bait fish pattern picked up two cutts in the 14" range with several more taken on a 2" lavender and white clouser in addition released two flounder with one being about 2 lbs. By 9:00 AM the tide went slack and it was all over.

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