vedder river

Went to the Vedder River in Chillwack BC for some springs. This was my first trip and it is a great place to be fishing. The weather did not do us any favors, It was hot the fish were in the deep holes. I was told that the best time to come is in the fall. I will go back. The manager at the Vedder River inn told me that the temp had been in the upper 90's. People swiming in theriver did not help. Freds tackle was great gave us help with instructions on where to fish.
late sept till mid oct is best for springs. however they will be white springs not the red springs that come in the summer. white springs genetically cannot produce red pigment so they have white flesh and rather than turning reddish as they age they just get black. The meat is highly valued by some and considered dog food by others. I've found that the flesh is more oily due to a higher fat content. A white spring needs to be fresher to be of high eating quality than a red spring, so do not retain any that are not pretty bright when you land them. There will be a few reds mixed with the whites so if you see any red or pink on the skin you might want to keep that one. There are a lot more fish in the fall and it is not uncommon to hook up with 5-10 springs in a day. Those whites get up to about 60 lbs! although I've never landed one over about 30-35
Thank you Tony. We plan to go about the middle of the month. Fred at Fred's tackle suggested that time for the better fishing. Would you suggest a guide for walking and wadding? I hope to get about 4 guys from Yakima and make a long weekend trip. Thank you again for the info. Jim
no need for a guide. the fish generally either are rolling occassionally or can be seen in the water. I prefer the four or five miles above the bridge out past Freds. lots of braids, riffles and pools. above the second bridge the river has some nice spots too, and just below that bridge. out at the end of lackaluck or laca muck or something like that is some good water too, but crowded. you'll do much better with a bait casting outfit than flyrod as the springs always like deep slots. they are pretty aggressive so if you get down to them they will take the lure. i use yarn and a bead with enough lead to get to the bottom. the fish appear green when viewed in the water so tyey are pretty easy to spot. the vedder gets 15-30000 of them over a 2.5 month period.
I agree, there is probably no need for a guide, there are some good holes just below the Tamahi bridge, as well, the lower river is more condusive to fly fishing than the upper.

There was one spot we hiked into last year that yielded us Spring, Chum, Coho and Pinks, and us fly tossers were out catching the gear guys big time.

I pretty much had a fish on every second cast.

That was in late September.
I guess that the middle of Oct. will come. That seems like a long time from now but I will wait and give a report with photos when I get back. Thanks guys.