heads up on pontoon deal

just got a new pontoon from sierra outdoors. it's listed as a blackhawk, but it's the same product as a waterskeeter river guide, just older colors and no logo. burnt orange instead of the tan and cherry colors they have now. great boat, 9' pontoons, standing platform, 7' oars, gear bag, aluminum frame, padded seat, even the anchor rope. new one retails for around $950, this one was less than $500 and I hit a free shipping special. It arrived in 6 days. Well fitting parts and good workmanship throughout. Comparing it to my southfork it's no contest except the southfork is a bit lighter and of course has the stainless steel frame. better hurry as it's a close out. Best money I've spent for a while. :thumb:
Thanks for your post. I stumbled across it at around midnight and ordered one from their website. The internet can be a dangerous thing and I haven't even been drinking.:beer1: I am not sure what I am going to do with my perfectly good "southfork".
lol. me either dunkbait. i am planning to figure out how to combine the two so a two man pontoon is formed. that way i can drag along the wife, my aged uncle, or a disabled friend. I was a bit worried about this thing just looking like a waterskeeter and not being the same quality, but that is not the case, you'll be happy. there are several advantages over the southfork.
standing platform, better side pockets, better stripping apron, swivel seat, longer, bigger toons, better padding on the seat, better rear deck, dual air chambers. you should have it by this time next week.
If either of you are unable to come up with a good use for those old pontoons... I will be happy to take them off your hands!! I'm sure I can find a good use for them :D Congrats on the Killer deal!
ah too bad, even when I ordered a week ago they were warning that they didn't have many left. dunkbait apparently got one of the last ones. oregon fishing and cabelas carry that boat in a different color and unfortunately at almost double the price.

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