Help a newbie??

Hey all:

I am going to have the fortune of heading up to Shearwater Resort (thanks to a supplier) the first weekend in September.

I have never saltwater fished for Coho, would love to try it, have a couple of questions:

1) I have an Islander 3.6LX with a Rio VersaTip and a spare spool with a floater and a 15' ghost tip. Would either of these lines do the trick, or should I look at a new line? As I probably wont get a chance to do this too often, is it worthwhile getting a different line?
2) I have a couple of 8 wt rods, these should be sufficient
3) Cleaning the line and reel after fishing, what is the recommended practice?

I am looking at both bucktails and clousers, from what I understand bucktails for trolling, clousers for sight casting.

My biggest concern is who will be handling the boat while I am flyfishing, my wife has some experience driving our boat, but, not in the ocean, I feel that I may be flirting with disaster on this one, as these fish (at least when I have caught them on gear) go freakin ballistic.....

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

(Oh yeah, if anyone needs some lakes to fish in the BC Interior, I am willing to share a few for some help with this!)


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