Oars for pontoon

Can someone recommend an oar length for a u-built pontoon i have?

Its an old buck bags frame with new 7.5' pontoons.

Thanks for your help.
I Used 7' Oars On My Buddies Toon. They Worked Great. The Ones He Had Were A Plastic Composite And Took One Hell Of A Beating Running Through Some Shallow Rapids.

The Boat Was An 8' Toon Bucks Bags Too If I Remember Right.


Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
I would go with 7-7.5. I never EVER used the standard oars. In fact, I usually use longer then suggested. On my 10' boat I'm using 8-9' oars on them. Work fine for me.
There are times for 6' and times for 7'. When floating rivers in the summer that are super low, a 6' oar is great but when on a lake or river with higher flows the 7' oars give you more bite/traction. A good alturnative is to buy 6' oars from Buck's and also buy the 1' extensions. This way you're prepared for all situations.

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