wild summer steelhead?

Hello, I am new to this site, and have been following the forum for a month or so. I have a question regarding the regulations on Green River summer steelhead. The regs state that wild steelhead may be retained in the summer time above Soos creek, I think. I thought that all (most?) summer-run steelhead were hatchery fish. Am I wrong, and does the Green River really have a summer run of wild fish??? If there is a hatchery, where on the river is it? Thanks for any info.
Wild steelhead may be retained anywhere on the Green from July 1st to February 28th. I believe there are wild runs of summer steelhead. Don't forget the river is still closed! Steelhead must also be 14" and only 2 may be retained. The hatchery is above Palmer Kenasket state park.


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Question is -- why would you want to keep a wild steelie? Ain't enough of them left in this world, and no one can come up with a justification that I can accept for killing one, WDFW regs notwithstanding. (The state only allows it because it's afraid meat fishers would raise too big a stink if they couldn't satisfy their bloodlust for at least a couple of dead wild steelhead a day.) You want to eat steelhead? Go to Ivar's Salmon House on north Lake Union. They serve a delightful farm-raised steelhead. :) C&R all the way, baby!
I have to agree with O Mykiss on the question he asks. There aren't enough fish for us to keep wild steelhead. From what I've read there are dwindling numbers and many runs with counts in the hundreds or lower, not the thousands. Personally, I've never even landed a wild fish, not for lack of trying either. Please leave a few? If everyone were to keep the fish they hook and land, we wouldn't have any before long! Get the drift. Frank


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I just want to echo what was said. Please let the wild fish go. It is surprising that Washington still lets people retain wild steelhead. Oregon (in my mind) is ahead of Washington in that regard, requiring the release of wild fish, with the exception of very few rivers. Even on the Rogue where it's legal, almost all fly fishers release the wild fish.

Kill a hatchery fish any time, but please let the wild ones go!!!

I'm glad to see this. I've logged onto a website that's primarilly a bait and gear site, and there is always a debate about whether we should be allowed to keep wild steelhead, salmon, ect. There shouldn't be a debate. Please release all wild fish. Thanks.
To all who responded to my question,
I must admit that I am impressed by your passion for these beautiful fish that we all pursue. I always practice careful catch-and-release fishing, and I would never kill a wild fish. I agree with CZ that Washington could take steps to improve many of the fisheries in the state by making regulations catch-and-release only for wild fish. -Jeff
Ok... even though I blurted out the regs without making a tag line about releasing wild steelhead. I would never think of keeping one!


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