SFR: OP Report

Just got back from my second road trip down to your beautiful state.

My first trip to the Methow was a great sucess but that was all told on another thread.

For this trip I was down around Forks and since I was with the lady fishing took a back seat to hiking, and checking out tide pools etc.

The first day a checked out the Sol Duck near the hatchery and saw a few guys fishing for summer runs and early coho. The water was very low but there were definetly fish around both steelies and coho. Just went for a hike never tried to wet a line, maybe be back there in the winter definetly a nice system.

Also checked out the Hoh another nice river looked like there was plenty of water to allow fish movement! Didn't try the Hoh either and didn't see anyone else fishing. See that river in the winter as well.

The only fishing I really did was on the Elewa caught some small fish on dryflies but fishing seemed to be pretty slow (for me anyway). Lots of small fish but only saw one respectable fish rise. Talked to some locals who had done well though. The next morning hike into the upper Elewa (above the upper reservoir) with high hopes of better fishing. Didn't rise a single fish or even see a fish in that area. The river up there is very pretty though and i am still glad I checked it out.

The beaches and the ocean around there were definetly the highlight of the trip and I am glad we spent most of our time checking them out. also really enjoyed the washington micro-brews once again!

Great trip overall! Look forward to winter steelheading in the area!



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