Airlines and Fly Rods

About 1/4 of the people on the flights two/from Anchorage right now are going to be carrying fly rods. It makes it easy to know who to talk to as you're waiting for a flight! I saw a guy yesterday with 7 fly rods duct taped together that he carried on.

But, no one that I've seen is carrying 2 piece rods. Some flights you might be able to stick your rod in a coat closet, but there's no way that thing is going to fit in the overhead bin.

I just got off an Alaska flight from Anchorage this morning at 2am. They're great with fly fishing equipment and very understanding. Even the TSA agent leaving SeaTac last week joked with me about my carry on... He started listing off the contents "Fly rod...reels....wading boots..." and then had to throw in "are you going golfing?" I didn't know they had a sense of humor.


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I'm in Anchorage now, and there was no problem taking my two-piece (9ft) rod on board. It fit perfectly in the overhead. There were probably three or four other guys with pack rods, and at least one other guy with a two-piecer. Now let's see if I can make good on them later this week when I drive south. Yesterday I drove all the way up to the Denali Park Road north of Cantwell, around 500 miles RT. That is the most beautiful country I've ever seen. Anyway, the Kenai happens later this week. Hope it stays dry.

Carry your rods on board. Carry your digital camera on also as my friend got his stolen out of his checked luggage. They even put a tag on his bag saying it was inspected by tsa.
Take Your Rods But Leave Your Reels/line In Your Checked Bag. I Heard Of A Guy That Had To Strip Off All His Line Because It Is A 'strangulation Device.' What Kind Of Bs Is That?? But Yet Every One Gets On The Plane With At Least One Type Of Strangulation Device. Can Anyone Guess What It Is?????.......thats Right Boys And Girls, Your Shoe Laces!!!

Next Thing You Know We Are Gonna Be Shaved Bald And Stripped Naked When We Want To Fly.

Who Wants A Cavity Search!!!!!

I walked on with a 5 ft rod tube and 2 poles on Sunday.

No problem,

However...the rod tube that fit in the overhead on the way up to Alaska didn't fit on the way back!! I had to gate check it.

ps...the 3" PVC tube i made worked great!