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[h4]No Spring Chinook Salmon Season this year on the Upper Yakima![/h4]

That is the word from Jim Cummins, fisheries biologist for the WDFW South Central Region of Washington State. This year tribal officials along with fisheries biologist will be trapping Spring Chinooks at Roza Dam, south of Ellensburg in the lower Yakima River Canyon. Once the 10 to 15 lb. Springer's are trapped, they are sedated in a solution called MS222. This stabilizes the fish and lets biologist gather samples, weight and other information. This substance stays in the fish for up to 21 days. Due to this fact, the FDA does not allow the consummation of any meats that are associated with MS222 compound.

However, a salmon season will be opened in the lower river from Granger to the Roza Dam. The season opener is scheduled for sometime later this month (as of now April 21st). Jim Cummins is predicting 60% of the return above the dam will be wild fish and the remain 40% hatchery fish. Approximately 640 fish will be captured at the dam for brood stock and will be transported to the hatchery in Cle Elum. 10% are being allowed for harvest below Roza Dam. This is great news for the upper Yakima River wild rainbows!

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