LDR on a huge searun cutt.

First time out cutthroat fishing and after fishing a couple hours
with no hits we move down into quartermaster on the west side of vashon island and while stripping in a olive and white clouser on a size 6# hook I get my first hit right next to the
boat and so i set the hook and a 20" inch or bigger cutthroat
comes sky rocketing out of the water and throws the hook.
I decided to call it a day and try it again in a couple of days,
next time hopfully landing a couple and of course sharpening my hooks reaaaaaaaaal good. :"(
It didn't look like a silver but maybe it was it was only in two
feet of water close to shore and it looked like it had yellow
fins. my dad and i got a good look at it when it jumped right next
to the boat.We did see 1 or 2 other decent size fish jump in the
general area 16 inches or bigger.I live 10 minutes away from point defience and have been fishing it since I was 4 and I am
15 now and am just taking out the boat by my self this is the
first time i have fly fished in the salt although fishing lures and bait for 11 years.Where should i fly fish for salmon over 16 inches.I have a boat right at the point defience marina so i
fish a couple times a week.Any info on where to go for salmon and cutts would be much apreciated .THANKS:) :)
You are no doubt right about that. It's maybe wishfull thinking on my part. I'm going out tomorrow with a friend from work to fish off of hope and squaxin islands and we had been told that there was a decent chance to run into some silvers.

What I've read is that the best places to look for them are around points of land, especially on the inside of a turn towards a river with a good run. Don't know first hand though.

Anyone else have more solid info about Silver's in the salt?

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