Water flows on the Cowlitz.


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First fishing trip there in 20++ years scheduled for the end of this week. Have zip info on what weight rods/lines would be appropriate for current conditions.

Suggestions? (We'll be doing a float so not 'confined' to just one bit of beach.)

Water flow is 2900. Thats low and clear. Bring a rod that will cover water comfortably. Maybe your 13'6" 7/8 Meiser. If you have one of Meisers 15' 7/8/9s bring it !!! I only fish a XLT floater this time of the year, but I see some fishing skagit set ups.

My son from Marysville is down so we will be fishing it tomorrow through Thursday. I will send my phone # by email incase you want to call.


Steve Buckner

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Sounds like we may be floating down the river together. Zen and SteelieMike are heading to my house tomorrow evening. For lines, I'd recommend a multi-tip line, there will be sections that you'll want to fish deep, others that you'll want to fish nearer the surface. I'd say that a 14 or 15 foot 7 weight would be about right. For flies, I'd suggest size #2, #4's, although you might go somewhat bigger in the deeper runs.

The weekend was extremely busy with lots of traffic, which is somewhat unusual for this time of year. Generally speaking, much of the traffic on the Cowlitz leaves to start targeting salmon down on the Columbia at Bouy 10. I suspect with the gas prices the way they are, many are shortening their drive and fishing the Cow. Mid-week should offer much less pressure. Fish counts are good, should be able to pick something up if you're diligent.

Hope to meet you in a few days!


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MANY THANKS for all the info fellows; also (per tel-cons) appears, as Henry Ford would say: "you can choose any colour you want as long as it's black" :ray1: for a choice in flys.