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Since I never go to any summer camp or do any summer activities I convinced my parents to let me get a steelhead guide for winter steelhead.
I would like to go on the kalma since it is a beautiful river. or mabye even the lewis which is only 5 minutes from my home. do any of you know or have a reccomondation of a guide that is good and that will get me into some fish?
I have never fished for steel head so I think that a guide would be a good head start on helping me learn to fish for these great fish:D
There are a lot of good steelhead guides. If you have more than one day and are interested in learning to steelhead rather than solely hooking one, I would recommend Mike Kinney. He taught me to spey cast, how to read water, how to move over water, how to set the hook, and how to efficently fish a piece of water. Mike works out of All About the Fly.

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I'll second the Steve Buckner nomination. He is first rate and makes a very mean sloppy joe. BTW if you can get him to open up the smoked sockeye you are in for a real treat.


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Both Mike and Steve are great guys! I spent a couple days with Mike a few weekends ago and you would have a great time learning with him. I can't recommend him hightly enough. He knows and has probably forgotten more about steelhead fishing than I'll ever know. And he's a great guy!!

Steve is awesome as well, he really helped me w/ my double haul last year at a casting event up in Carnation. He knows those rivers down by you very well and is always posting good reports on the Cowlitz when it's hot down there!

Whom ever you decide on, make sure to let them know you're new at fishing for steelhead on the fly and if you want to use single or double handed rods. I would also let your guide pick the river, since they'll know where the fish are and that will give you the best chance to hook up. Unfortunately you won't be gaureteed on hooking up, but they'll give you a good chance to do so. The stuff you learn about casting, reading the water will be invaluable in shortening you're steelhead learning curve!

I'm sure you'll have a great time regardless of where you go!



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Fortunately there are many more good guides than poor ones working today. A personal favorite of mine would be Jim Kerr on the Olympic Peninsula. He’s a great guide and a fun person to spend a day on the river with. Not to take anything away from Steve or Bob, but I thought his name was worth adding to the list.
Great Steelhead Guide I know of is Jeff Brazda. He guides the summer runs off of the methow and klickitat and the winter runs on the OP. He also spends his time in Montana over the summer with Rooster at 4riversfishingco. Another great guide would be Gordon Gracey at (Ed; Forks WA.) These two guides are both full of knowledge and love what they do.
I definitely agree with Anil on this one. I went a couple winters ago with Kerr and he will stop at nothing to put you on fish. He is a very knowledgeable guy and is a very good teacher if your just getting into steelhead. I wish i brought a notebook when i went . But yeah i'm sure the other guys are good to but by my personal experience i reccommend Kerr hands down. You might check out his website to. He has guided some pretty well known people to.
while i have only been guided 2 times, once on the deschutes and once on the ronde, i can't really say. it seems that most seem to be good. i know mike kinney and steve buckner have great rep's. the one thing i will say is you will learn more with a guide in a real fishing scenario than anywhere else.
be sure to ask lots of questions, pay attention to what they tell and show you and take it all in. it is a great experience.
have fun

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Sounds like you have your heart set on steelhead. I would recomend if you can to get out with Steve Buchner during the fall on the cowlitz for not only summer runs, but sea run cutthroat also, which are an amazing sport-fish. He will teach you what you need to know later about steelhead.


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