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I've done some searching on the forums and found some year-old posts on these lakes. Has anyone been up to Manastash or Lost Lake (the one near Manastash Ridge & Lake obviously) this year? What flies should I be bringing along (both dry and wet)? Any tips or tricks? I will be packing in my float tube. Also, I've been told that Lost Lake has some good sized brookies hiding in the creek bed waiting for eggs from spawning Westslopes to come down it. Anyone actually know if this is true or not?

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I've never fished those lakes but I have fished Manastash Creek and it was good fishing. Royal Wullfs worked for me in it.

Manastash Lake can be rough this time of year because of algae bloom. I was there a few years back and we couldn't get any fish on flies.

My buddy caught a nice brookie on a rooster tail.


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I fished both lakes a few times this year. I always bring a float tube with me when I fish these lakes. I have had good luck with chronies under an indicator, griffith's gnats and ants and beetle patterns. Have caught some nice cuts and brookies in both lakes. Any additional questions pm me


Down in the Centennial State.
When I went up to Lost Lake the first time, I was chucking gear and salmon eggs. The eggs worked quite well on the Westslopes. Anyone try egg patterns?


Down in the Centennial State.
Well here's the oh-so-awesome fishing report for Manastash Lake.
I get to the trailhead around 11:00 a.m. and make it into Lost Lake by Noon and take a break, eat some Chewy bars, drink some water, etc. While there a father and son team show up and begin to inflate a raft. After a quick 10 minute break, I begin the trek up the side of the bluff. Last year I was not in this good of shape as I remembered the bluff being the worst part of the hike. This year, I cruised up it. Got into Manastash Lake around 1:30 or so (I can't remember now), set up camp, and the wife and I headed up to the top of the ridge. On the way up, we got to laugh at some motorbikers who had started to come down the trail from the Ridge, but nature had a different plan. The wind had somewhat recently knocked down a tree which took down three others and blocked off the trail to anyone other than hikers. The three trees stacked were close to 5' tall, but luckily they were angled on our side. The motorbikers looked for alternate routes around the trees (which there are none). Not sure whatever happened to them. Never saw them back on top of the Ridge, but never saw them ride back through camp at the lake.

Anyhow, got to the top, wandered around for a bit, came back to camp and inflated the tube. After launching into the lake and throwing a crawfish streamer for about 15 minutes, I realize that I'm feeling a bit wet in the pants. So I decide to head back and get out of the lake and see if I'm just cold or if I'm actually wet. Turns out my pants from the waist to mid-thigh are soaked. Wouldn't be too bad if I had brought up two pairs of pants. So I strip down, change into a dry pair of underwear and try to keep warm in my sleeping bag reading Sons of the Profits by Bill Speidel (good book for anyone who enjoys the history of Washington State, specifically Seattle). So the wife heads over to the last sunny spot on the lake shore and lets my pants dry off. It had dropped to around 45-50 degrees by this time so I was not thrilled. After the pants dried, I put on all the dry clothes I had in an attempt to stay warm (which worked until the sun went down). Ate dinner, went to bed at sunset (stupid no campfires) and attempted to go to sleep. We had only brought 50 degree fleece sleepingbags because it's still Summer and should be fairly warm at night, right? WRONG! The combination of cold+crappy foam sleeping pads+squirrels constantly running around the tarp outside the tent=rough night. At daybreak, we packed up with our frozen hands and hiked out. Made it home in time to head on over to Tomlinson Stadium and watch my Wildcats get beaten by Univ. of North Dakota in the Rodeo Bowl, but hey, at least it was warm.

So I caught no fish, froze my butt off and hardly slept. It does beat work, though.

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