big fish in newuakum

big fish in newuakum: Stedman Log Jam?

howdy yall,

little confusion on that last post, my boy is refering to my best friend, im only 24 no kids yet, sorry about the confusion there, youll have to let me know a better idea of where that sorenson rd spot is sounds nice, and i dont mind hiking, actually i kinda prefer it. me and jd where planning to hit the deschutes sometime next week, i think, hello billy lee also...nice to hear a fellow dechutes'er yeah give that log jam a try, good all
big fish in newuakum: Stedman Log Jam?

Hey I'm 25 and my little fishing partner is almost 4. She's not all that handy with casting a fly but she likes playing with the fish when they have been caught (Powerbait). I haven't taken her fly fishing yet, but have been trying to teach her at home how to cast... luckily I have an old fiberglass rod I wouldn't cry over if it broke.

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big fish in newuakum: Stedman Log Jam?

Good on ya for getting her out there. My daughter is almost 3 and I'm picking her up one of those small practice rods with the yarn for line.

Question though. What's powerbait? :p
big fish in newuakum: Stedman Log Jam?

Hey everyone,

Reminder to self. Read whole thread before asking already answered question.:)

I usually fish pioneer park or the Tumwater valley golf course because their close to home. The golf course has some nice spots that I've taken some healthy fish out of. Mostly right before night. I've fished the Rainier trestle, and the Steadman Log Jam. I come at it from the Waldrick road side so that's how I knew it. I've fished upstream from the Waldrick road bridge quite a bit and found some OK spots too.

Tried Sorenson once but missed it somehow. I'd sure like to try the Falls some day (if they ever open it). Haven't tried Military road yet. I heard the property owner there is pretty cranky but if you guys haven't had any trouble then I'll have to give it a wack

I'm really looking forward to the Chinook coming up from the park. Once they get into Pioneer park you can sometimes find a nice sea run with a glo-bug.

You're right. It's good to hear from some other Deschutes folk!
Happy hunting.
big fish in newuakum: Stedman Log Jam?

howdy yall, me and my buddy hit the log jam yesterday, good fishin 8-10 in cutts mostly but my buddy landed a 15 in cutt, beauty of a fish
good fight too, lots of salmon running all around us it was like the discovery channel, 40 in chinoook running right through your legs.
Hey, I have fished at Pioneer Park, and I know lots about those tubers ;) Fortunately for me, I've never been skunked there. If i was only good at setting the hook :) First time I went, got 12 strikes, landed a 10" beauty(for a small fish) seccond time got 25 strikes, 2 6"ers a 9"er and I hooked a 12"er but he did a taildance and I lost him. I've never used nymphs there, and I probably won't unless I'm on the verge of getting skunked. Best flys for the river are: Parachute Adams sz 14-18, Yellow or Red Humpy sz 14-18, PMD & PMD Parachute sz 14-18. Those splashy rises really get my adrenaline going. An older fishing friend of mine(adult, i'm a kid) caught a 17" cutt there. The very best spot in the pioneer park area is where the feeder stream is. But first start downstream (litle bit of bushwacking, you come out on a little beach and there is like a small island there) Wade a ways downstream, and then start making your way up, around the bend, and down the homestrech to the feeder stream ;) Be careful, if you get to close to the feeder stream, there is like quicksand there. Stay about 30-40ft from it and makes long casts to the bright spots where the sun penetrates, the fish hold right in the shadows of these, and dea drift it all the wy back to you, stripping in to keep from getting a big mess of line. After a few casts you'll probably get a strike. And most of the time the fish are rising. Heh, last time I was there there was this mad hatch soming off the water but i couldn't see the bugs! They were splashy rises so they might have been size 23 caddis or something. Any help on that? Anyways, they were rising like 15ft in front of my face left and right and I didn't know what they were taking. I got a few strikes on my parachute adams and landed a 8"er. There is also a spot around the bend above the feeder creek. I suggest going around and taking one of the other trails to reach it. Some nice pools that produced my first fish from there. Oh yeah, make sure toget your fly in the current seams (foam), fish like to group in there. Ok, enough of my nonsense, i probably just confused you all. maybe it's because I LOVE the river so much! Yeah, that's it! :jj
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[Edit]Where's the Newuakum river? I just got really excited when everyone was talking about the deschutes, lol[/edit]
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whatsup flyteen , sounds like you got a good start on flyfishing at an early age..the neuwaukum river runs through chehalis about 35 mins south of olympia, its a fun river... small cutts but some big white fish, i yanked a 15 incher out last week...have fun and happy fishing
Sorry for not getting back to you all on the Sorenson Road approach to the Deschutes. Basically, you take Bald Hills Road out of Yelm for quite a way. After you see various entrances for Clear Lake on you left, look for Sorenson Road on your right, and take it. It's paved for a while, and where the pavement ends, there is a soft right hand turn, with a yellow gate across it. I park right at that intersection and walk in. After 10-15 minutes, the road crosses the river. There's a path from the road to the downstream side of the bridge. There you are. If you don't stop near the gate but continue on up the hill, there are some other logging roads that may lead to the river, but I don't know. On the map, it looks like Sorenson road crosses the river again farther upstream, but when I drove up there a few months ago, the road ended at a big wooden gate (closed). If anyone knows of any other ways in, let me know.

Going up to White Pass this weekend and hope to explore some small streams up there.

Good fishing, all.

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howdy d,
nice to hear from ya again. thanks for the info on sorenson rd, I'll check that out definitly. went last night had a decent nite..mostly i was on smolt duty though, but i did land a 13" whitefish, it was beautiful snuck up on him down on my knees behind a stump, and sidearmed my line rite into a nice little backwash hole, first cast BAM, boy those whites fight good, im not finded the best trout fishin on the newaukum, but good whites so far. i think me and my buddy are going to be around the log jam tonight, he pulled another 13-14" cutt out of there last night maybe we'll see ya there. talk to ya later d.:jj :jj :jj :jj :jj :jj :jj :jj :jj :jj :jj :jj :jj :jj :jj :jj

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