Fishing camera suggestions?

I currently have a Pentax IQzoom 105WR (Water Resistant)camera.
It takes great pictures and has been extremely reliable. It has a good zoom and landscape features. It's not water proof, but it will take a good watering and keep on working.
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Hey Jim, I have been using the Pentax 105 IQ WR zoom almost since it's introduction many years ago. Picture quality is excellant, the camera is compact, features galore including remote control and all at a reasonable price. I have several other Pentax SLR bodies and lenses and they just gather dust nowdays. Check 'em out, Ive


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I use the same as Skycries! It's been rained on, splashed on, etc. It doesn't have all the fancy features, but it does the trick and has excellent quality.


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Dude, the picture you showed is of the WP, which the manufacturer says is water RESISTANT; the model (which looks just the WP) that the manufacturer says is waterproof is the A-1.

By the way, a buddy of mine and I both own WP's, and they are good cameras, take good pictures, and hold up to brief dunkings. :THUMBSUP
OOps, I stand corrected. You are right, the A-1 is Canon's All Waterproof camera. The WP-1 can be submerged in water to take pics, but would not recommend submerged longer that 20 seconds or so.
I strongly recommend to anyone the WP-1 for the price and basically has ALL the features of the A-1 except for the 15ft water depth feature. Also there is almost a 100.00 difference...I'll take the WP-1 in a second!

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I was reading this thread and got interested in getting one of these cameras. I want to ebay and couldn't find any so other that ebay where could someone get one.Besides I'm kinda leery about getting/buying something that I've never seen.

Minolta Weathermatic 35DL gets a thumbs up!

This camera takes excellent shots using ASA 100-200, is waterproof to 30' (though I haven't tested this) and can be had on eBay for $60 or so. It comes with a belt and pouch, so it's always on your hip, too. The camera appears to be bigger than the Canon pictured above, but unless weight is a huge factor I'd give it a try. One caution: if you do use the hip pouch and wade, the lenses will fog up when you take the camera out. Just wipe them before shooting and you'll do fine.

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Here's the problem I've always had with my fishing camera (which is a Kodak disposable, by the way). I'm not really into photographing anything other than big or especially beautiful fish (not really into the landscape thing) so even on my most successful days, I'll likely take only 4 or 5 pictures. But since there are 27 exposures, this means I'll carry my disposable around in my fly vest anywhere from 3 - 12 months, depending on my success. One time it took me a year to go through a 36 exposure camera, and then I lost the camera (which had about 20 days worth of fishing on it).

So I've decided to buy a digital cameral because:
1. They're so tiny (some even smaller than a disposable);
2. They're so light;
3. They take remarkably sharp pictures; and most important
4. I can download the pictures after each trip.

But they're also pretty spendy so I'm worried about falling in the river and ruining it. But I figure I can just put it in a zip lock baggy inside my vest pocket. I still have to worry about dropping it while using it, but I'll take my chances.

Of course, I don't have it yet -- It's on my Christmas list. We'll see if I've been a good boy this year.


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For a digital camera I'd suggest a Kodak DC5000. The camera is weatherproof and is armored, supposedly able to withstand a 3-5 foot drop onto concrete. Kodak made it specifically for the construction-engineering industry. My office has two of them and they have performed great over the past nine months or so. The camera is comparable in size and weight to an SLR, so it's not light and compact.

The bad news is that Kodak stopped production a few months ago, but you can get them on ebay in the $250 to $350 range. I picked one up for $280 last month. The list price is in the $600-$700 range. Mine recently survived a rainy day on the Skykomish stuffed in the pocket of my rain jacket.
IMO, the Canon WP-1 is the Best quality WEATHERPROOF camera for the money in the world! Check out Ebay, 40-70.00 new or as new condition!
Use 400 or 800 speed film for the clearest high detailed shots.
For the money, you cannot beat the price,features,construction and quality of pics. I've taken dozens of underwater shots and the camera worked flawless!
If you plan on going 16ft underwater, look into the A-1.

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