Hey all - Any info (conditions, patterns, etc) for the Dungeness over on the peninsula? Of course, any info or insight will be appreciated.

Can't help you much even though I live about 30mins. from the Dungeness. She could be out of shape if the sattelite photo is to be believed and generally I do. The silvers that might be in there are probably really black by now and then don't fight well.
Try the hole below the hatchery if you fish gear. Unfortunately, like most places it is very difficult to get a fly down where it belongs.
Cross the 101 bridge at the first sign of the Dungeness and turn left as soon as you can and go up mountain until you see a sign indicating
the location of the hatchery. Try to find a spot to park below there and see what happens.
Sorry, but my gut tells me she will be most likely blown completely out.

Bob Triggs

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Aside from the salmon, and I hear there were some chromers there saturday morning, you can try the fishing above 101. I hear there are some smashing dollies this time of year. I like bigger bunnies tied on #6 hooks though, crushed barb. I mostly fish weighted flies off dry lines, even in high water. You can pick at the eddies and back currents, pockets, and tributary water feeding mainstem water is sometimes productive. Check your regulations.
Thanks one and all. Doesn't look like I'll be heading over that way this weekend. Any other suggestions? I haven't fished much this year. Too busy remodeling the kitchen. Now that the work is done, I can play a little.