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How about a thread on our favorite fishing books? I'll start with "River of the Angry Moon: Season on the Bella Coola" by Mark Hume. The reason I enjoyed it so much is that it describes a river that is in many ways similar to our local rivers, but is relatively untouched.


I grew up steelheading on the Bella Coola. What does that book have to say about the river? The run deteriorated significantly in the late 80's and early 90's to the point of complete closure. I have heard they are/will be reopening it to C&R. Beautiful river and beautiful valley.

I'd love to hear a few tidbits on the book.
In an earlier posting regarding some of my favorite flyfishing books I misidentified the book, "Steelhead and the floating line: A Meditation" as written by Bill McMillian, wrong. Sorry, it's an excellent book by Bob Arnold. Some great dry line Steelhead tactics and stories.
Just about anything by John Gierach. Don't agree with his political views, but his fishing stories and essays are informative and funny.

I'll just give you the first paragraph of "Angry Moon".

"The river is fed by the sky. It runs over a bed of shattered mountains, through the dreams of a great forest and into the mouths of ancient fishes. It starts in clouds as grey and heavy as the sea and ends in a windswept estuary haunted by ghotsts. It is a place where white swans dance on dark mud flats and salmon lay fragile eggs in nests of stone."

To me, that describes the Sky, Stilly and Skagit as they were 100 years ago, particularly "dreams of a great forest".

The Habit of Rivers
by Ted Leeson.
Have also enjoyed all of Steve Raymond's book for excellent writing on local rivers, lakes and salt.
CC -

Central British Columbia Coast. It's just south of the Dean River drainage. The river is formed by the union of the Atnarko and Talchako (sp?) rivers. I understand it also has a respectable late summer/early fall silver run that is great for fly fishing. I've never tried it though. If anyone has, could you share some info???

- Tom
Try: "There's more to fishing (than catching fish)" by Tom Alkire AND "Fishing Lessons" by Paul Quinnett. Both books are more about the philosophy of fly fishing rather than how to fly fish. Seasoned anglers (like me) will find that these books speak volumes about WHY we do what we do.

mr trout

Trevor Hutton
Couldn't agree more with wbugger! Man, I have read all of his books and never get too sick of them to go back for another hearty chuckle. I find it quite amusing how he somehow can find ways to relate any thing in the world to some flyfishing situation or problem. what a hoot! I also had a good time reading Ian frazer's new one "the fishes eye" It isn't all flyfishing but it is pretty good. - Trevor

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Any thing by Ray Bergman, the voice of reason for fishers everywhere. Especially "Trout" and "Just Fishing". He was a gem. Ernie Schweibert, for his literacy, perfection and artfulness in both graphics and text. His "Trout" still stands as the epic tome on salmonids and salmonid fishing. His bibliography reads like the library of congress.I knoe he can be a little high-and-mighty sometimes, but the guy really knows his stuff.There's too many good books to list. I especially like Tom McGuane's stuff.
Anyone interested in bamboo flyrods should read "Moose in the Water, Bamboo on the Bench" by Kathy Scott. Great nature writing, and she describes the challenges and joys her husband goes through making his second rod. Excellent reading!


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