Montana trip 8/30-9/10

Well I just got back from my annual Beaverhead trip. Here is what worked for me anyways. Water is high and a bit off color this year making the small dry Trico fishing more of a challenge. Fish in the upper river (Buffalo to the dam) are not rising to the fall as heavily as they should be. The fall happens like clock work at about 11:30 every day which is also later in the day then usual. Much more of a nymphing game up there and a selected few risers for the dries. From the Buff to high bridge is where you will find the risers taking dries. There as usual the big boys hang out with for me anyways a 50/50 Rainbow Brown make up. This years trip was very good streamer fishing even in the warm sunny weather. The trick as usual is to fish a large streamer with a Brown Bear or Prince about 12 inches behind. The color in the upper river especially is due to the string of cold nights they had which caused an algae kill in the res. Looks like the river will be open through the fall this year and if I could go that would be the time. Just a warning with the higher water and strong flows for this time of year landing the big dudes is a big challenge. Biggest fish of the trip was a Rainbow of 23 and a Brown of 22. I do have to say I did hook the largest Brown on the river in years. He tracked a streamer the first day of the trip. I hooked him on the second day when I lost him. So I thought I'd rest him for a couple of days. I did and he crushed a streamer but some how missed the dam thing. I stayed at Brents and had the usual Beer fest at the Buff every night. Thanks Kevin and Gail for keeping the bar open for me and the boys until the wee hours !! Here are some photos I hope they meet the standards guys. Again not as many landed as last year but still a great trip !!!