Pass Lake, deep or shallow

Heading off to Pass Lake tomorrow. Been reading in this forum about fishing full sinking with black leeches. or buggers. In talking with a few other folks, they always use bead headed buggers on floating line. And then there's sink tip without bead head. I've always had luck in warmer weather with floating and bead heads. Do you need to get down more for the colder weather? Looking forward to clear water. Went a couple months ago and it was weed soup.


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I'm typically more successful this time of year deep; 15 to 20' but as close to shore possible. I think the fish start slowly cruising the shorelines looking for an easy meal the colder the water gets..thus your fly should be moving slower also. If you see a midge hatch you might try higher in the water column though. Don't be afraid to move around, in the clearer water they can easily see your flya's just a matter of whether they're interested.


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Definately bottom during the day. In the evening, some fish will come up closer to the surface to search for dinner. Also can't forget the browns hanging around in the shallows. I use the clear lake line, intermediate sink, long leaders, and strip the line fast with a jerking then pause technigue. a floating line with a beadhead weighted fly is good too. Try some colors other then black too, you would be suprised with some of the more colorful buggers/leeches that have caught me fish over the years. good luck, post a report when you get back! :THUMBSUP YT. almost forgot, PLEASE fill out a creel census card too!