Flash poll of the week III

Wow, some of these answers are surprising!

I've only been fly fishing for 2 years or so. It never occurred to me that someone might not offer up the CORRECT information of what fly they were using. I've never asked anyone on the water what's working...yet, and I wouldn't dream of walking up to someone who's doing well in a particular run, for fear of them thinking I'm cutting in on their action. Or messing up their action.

I've been asked before, and given the exact information.

I would hope that anyone who wouldn't give the correct answer would never get a correct answer even when asking a fly shop for info. Did you get where you are today by never asking anyone for anything? Which is the rude person on the river? Of course extreme situations of rudeness like YAKIMA's experience is different.

How's anyone supposed to learn anything? All those people who wrote the books you must enjoy. What if they kept their information to themselves? You could open a fly fishing magazine and every page would say, “Page 1: Figure it out yourself, Page 2: Figure it out yourself, etc. All information comes from somewhere.

I had several questions asked to me today at work. Should I have just said, “Sorry, figure it out yourself. I didn't get where I am today by helping others.”?

Please understand that I don't KNOW I'm right. I just hope I am.
It's just my opinion, and I mean everything I say in the most respectful way.

T Dub
being politically correct sucks

i love sharing info. i am a beliver in the "what comes around goes around"crap. we are all fishermen just trying to hook a few, why steer someone in the wrong direction. if i steered someone in the wrong direction they would probably immediately hook a monster. its called karma.


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I will tell anyone everything I know about the fishing and how it is going for me, and for the others I have heard from. Even the nitwits. But I will usually try to ignore jerks first. If they go away, that's fine.

Why should I lie? Nitwits, jerks and twits will carry their attitudes with them where ever they are, and that should get them several fish short of a good day.

As to turkeys that must have my hole? It's their's. I'm out to have a good day on the water, not a fight. There's more water than the hole I am on.

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My fishing partner is one of the nicest, most helpful people I've ever met. Not having a good day on the water, talk to Dave. He'll share his spot, give you a fly, help you with your cast, whatever. He gets along with just about everyone. I'm a little more reserved. A little more protective of the piece of water we're fishing. But his approach is starting to wear off. We almost always get into the hole we want to fish eventually, even if there is already someone there. We wait. We don't crowd. We get our chance. We catch fish. We move along. We have a good time. (We're far more competitive than you might imagine). There's an old saying: "You got to get along to go along". I agree with that. Give a little and it will come back to you. Don't ask me why it works, it just does.
I've never purposely deceived anyone asking what I'm using/doing. Sometimes however, I feel less sociable than other times...& may give a brief, limited answer hoping they'll politely leave me alone. It's nothing to do with trying to keep secrets or anything, it's just sometimes I don't feel much like talking.
Most of the time though, I'll tell ya more than ya wanted to hear probly. I'm usually elated when someone asks me what I'm using, cause it makes me feel so big-headed & all.
A couple weeks ago on the Satsop, a spinfisher guy asked me what I was using -seems the coveted chartreuse wasn't paying off for chums that day-. Anyhow, I told him "Purple Egg Sucking Leach". He didn't know what one was (I didn't know there was a breathing soul that hadn't heard of an ESL), so I said "here, have this one". I proceeded to snip it off and gave it to him..it was my last one. I told him it'd give me a chance to try a couple other patterns I brainstormed & showed him how he could fish my fly on his spinning rod (I used to do that a lot in AK before I saw the light). Anyway...the dude went on to catch 4 or 5 chums in just a few minutes on my ESL right beside me. That felt at least as good as catching them myself. My arms needed a rest anyway. To say the least, the guy thought I ruled (ha-ha) and to boot, has a very high impression of FF'ers now.
Don't know if that answered the poll or not, but I was just dyin' to tell that story to someone besides my wife.


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Art imitates life. The comment about work was interesting, but I think you have to be realistic. If some jerk contractor that makes 3x what everyone else in the office makes asks you a stupid (yes, there are stupid questions) without doing any legwork at all and expects a complete answer he/she deserves in the least a vague "I'll look into that and get back to you." People that are respectful will get farther with this than those that aren't. In work and in fishing.
Anyway, having heard (and asked) "How's the fishing?" lingo for many years I thought I would put out some common ones and what I think they mean:
How's the fishin?- This means "Hey, how's it going?" and is not intended to actually get a detailed fishing report.
Doing any good?- This is a request for a little more info than "How's the fishin?", but still just an attempt to find out if fish actually exist in this body of water.
Just got here.- This is the classic response for people (like myself) that haven't caught a fish yet, but think they should have.
Got a couple.- This is one that can mean different things. If the guy is a jerk, it means he hasn't caught jack and is reaching for the worms. If he's a good guy he has most likely caught more than a couple and if you're polite you might find out how. Not where though.
Doing pretty good- If this is said with much delight then he is "on." This is the person having one of those rare "do-no-wrong" days and in all fairness shouldn't be bothered. Besides, they may not have good info since they probably are just as lucky as they are good. However, if it's said with no emotion then they probably are used to catching way more fish than you are and may be tight lipped.
Whatcha usin'?- This is the king of leaving the door open. If this is the first thing uttered out of their mouth. Well, they have a long road to improve. I'm not talking about their fly fishing skills. I mean their people skills. If I just spent 2 hours changing flies way too often and finally figured it out I equate that with doing all the legwork of a major project and then handing it over to the office idiot. If you ever ask me "Whatcha usin'? I'll probably laugh and then tell you a #5/0 midge.
There are many more, but common sense is the driver for all of them.
Have fun,
I'll tell someone what I'm using and give any help that I can. I've never asked anyone what they're using, though, nor have I encroached on someone's spot. I don't mind trying a bunch of flies/spots on my own. I do ask, occasionally, for hints on good river access on this board since I don't have time to scout much. But, people tend to be tight-lipped about things like that. Doesn't matter so much, though, since I'm as much of a "casting geek" as a "fishing geek" and even if the fish aren't around, I can work on my cast.

I've never met a rude fly fisher, either, so I guess I'm lucky.
I size everyone up differently.

If they look ike they don't know the first thing about flies and flyfishng, I have no problem showing them my fly.

If they are looking like they might have some useful info, I throw out some good info. Especially if they are sporting beer. They will definately get flies for beer.

If they are looking for beta and nothing to trade or might look like they will be there next time I try to fish at the spot again, I start yelling at myself and hitting myself accross the face repeatedly. Then I break down and start crying until they run away. If they are still there after the show, I will let them in on my top super-secret beta that most beople would have to enroll in the witness protection program to hear. It is up to them if they want to change their name and Social Security Number. The last person I told ended up boot foot waders up in the river just continuously swirling in the dead dog hole on the Yak.

Just goes to show how important my beta really is.
I have only really been put in that situation a couple of times. Im usually the guy asking what the heck is going on, because I cant seem to figure it out. But when I have been asked I happily tell them and if I can spare it give them a fly. Unless its my dad, I make it a little more difficult for him to drag the info out of me.(that usually goes for all my other fishing buddies who normally catch way more fish than I do) People are normally nice to me, so I do what I can to help out a guy who just might not be getting it.
If you’re respectful; you get info. If you are not; sorry you don’t! It’s as simple as that. No more, no less! If you’re a guide, you don’t own the river, stay out of my water as I will stay out of yours! I have no problem ripping you a new one in front of your clients! My free time is worth as much as your work time! I have to many run-ins with guides on the Yak to mention. Mostly Westside guides, the local boys in E-burg for the most part have good river etiquette. It’s an amazing resource; use it, cherish it; but don’t abuse or disrespect it!
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In the late '60's (yes, some of us remember some of those years), my brother and I were fishing Hosmer Lake. As was usual in those days, we were catching about 10 fish for every one caught by others because we learned the secret fly for the strain of Atlantic salmon in the lake at that time. (Different strain than now which are deep water dogs but less susceptible to overhead osprey attacks.) We adopted an unwarranted but proprietary attitude towards that lake-it was ours and the fish were ours to catch, laugh at their multiple jumps, be disappointed if a fish did not get into our backing. So, when another fisherman asked what we were using-the standard answer, fueled by attitude and Blitz Weinhard beer, was #8 Royal Coachman, fished wet. Well, actually the pattern was a stage 4, #14 Salmon Candy. (Another aside, this pattern has caught fish in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming)
And then there was the time my father in law and I were fishing Chopaka during a cool (snowy) May. A westside fly club was in attendance and made their presence noisely felt across the lake, but there was one particularly loud boor who expounded without prompting, on his prodigous fishing and catching skills. There was a clear division between his vocal skills and the reality of his fishing skills. Again, we were catching fish after fish. When the boor glided up his boat to inquire as to our pattern, my father in law, never known for his churlish behavior, answered with a perfectly straight face, we are using a Witch's Tit. The poor fellow, obviously stumped as that pattern, simply said he was not familar with that pattern and slipped off downlake. The pattern actually was a Western Blue Dun.
Now, I am willing to share patterns, fishing tips, insights, leader lenght and strenght and anything else I can think of when asked with the caveat that the asker observe simple courtesy-you know, the stuff you learned in kindergarten.
The Salmon Candy and Western Blue Dun patterns can be found in Roy Patrick's Northwest Fly Patterns book.
This happens to me numerous times and I simply apply the golden rule:
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
My standard response, when asked how am I doing, is to tell the truth, show the fly and describe how I'm fishing it. If I have an extra fly, I'll always offer one to him/her.

If you see me on the water (Green '96 Exploder Lic #2309 POW, wearing a green Sim's long-bill or a black cowboy hat (when it's raining)), feel free to come on by and chat.



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What do I know---I'm just an old man

I don't know why anybody should be rude on a river unless they get into your space and won't leave like what happened to YAKIMA. I'm usually pretty nice on the river. I give flies away,tell people where to go(on the river). Most of the time I'm a nice guy,but I have one draw back. I'll give out info on where to go because at my age I can't get to most of those places any more.


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