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Hey Gang....

I'm pretty new to the forum, but have really enjoyed reading what's going on in the area and some of your blogs. So I wanted to turn to you for some advice and see what you guys might recommend for a situation I'm in...

As some of you may have seen in my whopping 2 other posts, I just got back from a tour over in Iraq and now I'm going to have some time to hit the fly rod for a bit. I have about 30 days off from the middle of September to the middle of October that I can do some serious fishing. I have a major trip planned to head to Belize the first week of October and that is really my only big committment right now.

BUT....I want to take an inexpensive trip somewhere for about a week to do some great salmon, steelhead, and/or trout fishing. When I say cheap, I mean that I don't want to hire a guide, but I could fly to AK, drive to BC, etc. I have never fished Alaksa or BC before and would like to get your advice on where you would suggest going to do a good trip for not a lot of money to find some good action with the 8wt and 10wt for the salmon and steels. Where are the hot locations at the end of September and beginning of October? I look forward to hearing your suggestions!

The Grand Rhonde is excellent at that time of year for steelhead. There is quite a bit of river available to fish and the scenery is enough to stop your heart. The fish are aggressive and looking up. You can do dry flies or a modest sink tip. There is no need to dredge the bottom. That time of year it is even still warm.

Boggans Oasis offers lodging (take the room and board option) at reasonable prices. Call Bill Vail at 509.256.3372. Don't wait too long, they fill up.

It is a wonderful place, sort of like going back 30 years.
Thanks....I have heard that the Grand Ronde is a great place that time of year. I appreciate your time in replying and your advice. I'll look into it! :)

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Watch the dam counts and reports. The fish are a teeny bit late this year and the ronde may be right in step with other rivers.
Just a thought, take it or leave it. After the cost of flying to AK or driving to BC another $300 for a guided day doesnt really sound like that much. If you are going to spend a week on a river I think a guided trip on the first day can also maximize your fishing time. You do not have to waste time on the when and where part of the equation, lunch will be done for you, local experience will help your catch rate, you might even learn something new about fishing.

I am not saying you need to take a guided trip but if you should at least consider the benefits. If you dont get to go on fishing trips very often I would think you would want to maximize your chance of success and have the best experience possible.

After all salmon/steelhead fishing is hit or miss, you need to be where the fish are and some local experience might help.

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