Swap 2006-07 Beginner/Intermediate Anti-Shack Nasty Marathon Fly Swap

Dang Guys. Sorry, the couint is 11. That's what happens when you talk to your wife and post at the same time. Apologies to one and all.

e-mail or PM headed out on Monday.

Ok well im thinking for the wet fly this month i'm gonna do Lord Baltimore ....it's another new fly for me to tie so will be fun i think itll be sz 14 or 16 not sure which wet fly hooks i have in my inventory atm :confused:


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hey ya all, i agree with ned on this one. a box of great flies is always a nice suprise. the bills can wait while i look at flies.:D hey i got a nice peacock soft hackle for ya all. i'll tie a dozen up. thanx for the great flies.
shad clark :thumb:
Hey Guys,

Sorry about the late PM. Got struck down by an ear infection. Haven't had one since I was very little, close to 59 years ago. Man, those things hurt like hell. I will never again complain about a little kid crying with an ear infection.

PM went out today with a reminder about the wet flies and a hint about the Christmas Contest. About that contest, you can't win if you don't enter. The first year I did this swap a beginner swapper won first place. Prizes will be for first second and third.

Someone is tying a Lord Baltimore? Cool!
Hello Ronn et al: I shipped my Red Headed Black Gnats off last week, so hopefully you will recieve them shortly. This should be a great swap!:thumb:
My flies went out in the mail this morning and should be in your box tomorrow.

This is a great swap and I am learning a bunch. Sorry to those of you who will get a few of the early flies.:beathead: (I promise they look better than the rejects that are in my fly box) I did as Ron instructed and tried something new. That being said I am pretty proud of the last few.

Thanks again Ron,
guys i must appologize i had my wife mail the flies with the other items she mailing back to her family in GA... and the flies went there as well my mother inlaw next dayed em back to me i found out and i should get tomooorrow then ill spin em rt around
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I'm slackin. I have almost all of my as-of-yet-unamed steelhead flies tied and they will be in the mail tomorrow. Normally would be there thurs for sure, but snow might slow them down? Just a heads up.


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