A night to remember...

David Loy

Senior Moment
Friends were going to Pxxs Lake Saturday and I'd finished yearly boat maintenance and was looking for an excuse to get out. My daughters and I got there around 6:30, strung up their rods with buggers and launched the DB. We met our friends briefly on the lake and then proceeded trolling slowly (my girls don't cast yet) along the north shore and around the middle. Had fun watching the bats, the girls taking turns learning to row, yukking it up pretty good. Finally, around 9, with Kelsey (13) on the sticks we start heading back to the ramp. We're still mid lake when Kate (9) says "Dad? Somethings going on." I look over and her 4wt's bent with strain. She hands me the rod and I slowly winch up what I think is a branch... until the head shaking starts. "Kate! You've got one on!" as I hand her the rod. She tried hard but couldn't gain any line. She handed back her rod and grabbed a big flashlight. We pressed hard but it still took several minutes to get the Brown in. Kelsey netted it after several stabs and we kept it in the water. The fly popped out in the net for a perfect release. We lifted it briefly (in the net) for a good look and then successfully released Kate's first fish. A team effort. Unfortunately, Dad didn't have a camera in the boat. Was a heavy fish, maybe 5lbs. The kids are stoked on fishing now!
I'll remember that day on my last day.