Lake fishing from the bank?

I am looking for lakes or ponds which are fishable from the bank. I don't have waders to get me into the water, and I am a beginner, so I need room to backcast without hitting trees and bushes. Are there any places amenable to this type of fishing in the PS area this time of year?

Thanks for any suggestions or ideas!
Many lakes are now open year round but fishing is going to be less productive because they have cooled considerably. Unlikely that you'll do much on the surface so a sink tip or full sinking line might be more producive.

Where are you located and how far would you want to drive to fish? What kind of fly fishing equipment do you have? There are lots of possibilities but no floatation and/or waders is going to restrict you.
Two suggestions for year round lakes:

You can flyfish from the bank or the dock at Lake Meridian Park in Kent.

When I was a kid, we'd go down to Lake Sammamish Park in Issaquah & practice fly casting in the winter. At the mouth of the creek as I recall. I think Sammamish is still open year around - you ought to check the regs.

The good news is there's lots of backcast room and in the winter the parks aren't crowded. The bad news is that there are no fish planted in the lakes this time of year, the water's cold, and the fish are sluggish. But you never know....


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If you live in Seattle there's always Green Lake and I hear they have a casting dock on One side or the other or you can walk around the lake and pick your spot.

Greenlake and Lake Washington both have docks and good bank access at various places and can produce winter fish but not often. The fish do feed but are generally deep and sluggish.