Colorado Trip

We spent 3 days on the Taylor and Gunnison. The upper Taylor “hog pen” was TOUGH- about 30 degrees, driving rain and 30mph wind. That might just cure me of wanting to try winter steelheading here! ;-)
We found a great stretch on the Gunnison at ‘Neversink Park’ A nice series of riffles and pools. Some great afternoon BWO hatches but with the wind it was really hard to get a decent presentation. Double nymphing was very successful. The ‘bow and browns really went for a brown San Juan worm and a red Copper John. My son landed his first large fish. A fat 17” rainbow followed by several more. My buddy got dialed in and caught around 20-30 fish over two days, one over 20”. I struggled with learning the subtleties of nymphing and only caught a couple, one 16” whitefish and some smaller browns. I LDR’d a pretty good size brown. Too bad. Over all a great trip.



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Nice report... if you don't like the weather in Colorado just wait 5 minutes. It cant be unpredictable and blistery at times. Sounds like you had a great time! IF you get a chance to go again, I would fish the Black Canyon, there are some real nice browns and Bows in there.
Thanks for the report. When were you here? I fished the East River for kokanee on Saturday evening for a few hours. Only brought two to hand, but they were nice fresh fish. Dragonfly Angler's in Crested Butte confirmed that there had been a new run of fish, but overall the numbers were down. Stopped at the Hog Pen on the way home Sunday afternoon and actually saw big fish rising to bugs on the surface. Not sure what was coming off - perhaps caddis. I had to push on, but it certainly got my blood up! Fall colors were at or near peak - it was great. Weatherman is calling for 10-14 inches of snow in the high country this weekend. There goes "Indian summer". You were here at a good time. Glad that you enjoyed it.

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