Big Hole, Montana - 9/24 and 9/28

Big Hole, Montana - 9/24/06 and 9/28/06

With the river being closed for 3 weeks the fishing was very good on the Big Hole. We did two float trips... The first through Uncle Bob's Outdoors in Dillon and the second through Anderson and Platt also in Dillon, I'd recommend both (in the spirit of full disclosure, I did the websites for both companies and am biased :p ). The weather was perfect and the fishing really picked-up a little later in the afternoon. Got some nice Browns, Bows, and the one native Greyling (which I was very happy about).

This is a FANTASTIC time of year to see this river and the flows are good for pontoons (300 cfs). I found myself just looking at the scenery a few times.

Enjoy the pics!

They are there... :) Fairly un-common (I'm told) in the lower sections. Our guide (Brad Platt - in the last picture) was a little suprised when i reeled him in.
My wife caught a grayling in the Big Hole. She was disappointed in the size and the guide and I were thinking Wow. She didnt know how special that was in the contiguous US


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Nice pic's there! :thumb: I caught my first grayling this year, although it was smaller than your fish. Beautiful fish!

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