Weird Things on the River


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:rofl: :rofl: LMAO :rofl: :rofl:

Only thing missing is the smell of afro sheen, Boeing jet fuel and sweaty Renton stadium athletes..........
Mingo said:
The Afro

The Afro approached.
yonder Young Nubile Blondeness
I moved in closer to inspect Blondie
with a fighting butt
I gasped.
The Afro arose!
Yes, The Afro arose
said "howdy", took three casts and hooked and landed a 24" rainbow.
The Afro lives.

If you work all those lines into a fishing story, you are the Man!




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Donny, you're out of your element...

Maybe it was Jules from pulp fiction, you know when he says he's going to "walk the earth like Cain in Kung fu" having adventures and all.

Not fishing related but stupid and weird none the less a guy decided that 10:30pm last night was as good a time as any to come up and bang on our door.

Stranger: (Dishevelled, inebriated, clutching two filthy dollar bills in his good hand) "The reason I'm here is I saw someone moving around in your house so I thought.." (keeps mumbling)

Wife: "What do you want, I don't understand a word you're saying"

Stranger: "The reason I'm here is I saw a guy in there and I can get a bed for seven dollars, I have two. They got beds downtown."

Wife: (trying to piece together the "reason" of it all, the mental arithmatic- does $7=downtown bed? does someone moving about inside their house make it a more attractive place to solicit from? Might this bid have something to do with the package store fifty yards away? How much is the bed and how much for the cab or bus? Had this sorry man thought this ridiculous plan might actually work? WTF?)

Wife: I'm sorry. (door is shut and locked)

We watched the guy stumble up to the corner shop. He didn't hit any more houses.


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Not sure if this is weird, and it did not happen on a river. About 25yrs ago, I was south of Sultan out toward Haystack Mnt. There is a lake out that way, don't remember the name. I stopped there and walked out on the old dock to do a little fishing. As I walked out I could see a couple of gals on it. They were sitting there playing bachgaman (sp?). As I got closer I could see they were slightly less dressed from the waist up. I made my apologies and was make a about face when they said hey it cool plenty of room on the dock. Being 19 I figured ok what better way to fish then with such great scenery at hand. We were chatting for a moment when over a ways on the lake shore we heard a big comotion. We could see a guy falling out of a tree. We laughed cause he must have been up there taking a peek at the to ladies from a far.
Now 24 yrs later I'm talking to the local meat cutter and find out he is from where I grew up. We got to talking about hunting and fishing and I was telling him about where I would spend most of my time do this. He asked if I ever went to the skinny dip lake up by Sultan. Told him I had. He the proceeded to tell me about a time when he and a friend were there and how his friend had fallen out of a tree while peeking on two gals at the lake. i asked him if there was a fishermen there talking to these 2 ladies he said yes there was, I told him I was the fishermen.... Small world..


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I was hiking along a trail in the Blue Mountains of Australia and I see this guy walking towards me about 50 feet away. The trail was a little curvy and with all the bushes I couldn't see him too clearly, but I noticed something looked strange. As he got closer I thought the man was hiking in speedo style underwear. When we get even closer I realize this guy isn't even wearing grape smugglers, he's buck naked, has on a boots, a wool hat and a backpack and that's it. He comes up to me and we have the following conversation
"got a cigarette?"
"don't smoke"
I was pretty stunned and then I got to thinking that there must be some kind of wood nymph orgy going on and I was headed straight for it! But I never saw anything after that

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So I gotta share this one cause it serves to be fairly humerous, maybe not for my friend but I got a good laugh out of it. I was working at Crystal Mt. Resort and would go FFing down on the Green River, long story short is after a few successful trips, some of the other guys in my house thought it'd be fun to go FFing w/ me and share some of the success. So I set this one guy up and we go. It was windy that afternoon and I told him and showed him that sidearm casting was the only way to make sure to keep that fly from hitting him. We were casting big weighted WBer's. So we fish a couple runs and nothing much is happening. I move down below him and the next time I look upstream he's sticking his face in the water, I shout "don't drink it, it'll make you sick", he can't hear me. I'm like whatever dude, it's your stomach, and of course go back to fishing. A little while later I see him again and he's still drinking from the river, or so I think. Dam whatever, he must've been thirsty. I keep fishing, we'll the light start fading and I get out and hike back to the car, here he is at the car w/ the side mirror all cranked around and I'm thinking "what the hell", so as I get closer I see that he's got this 1/0 WBer stuck in the end of his nose, OUCH!! Why he's been sticking his head in the water, is because he didn't wanna stop fishing either, but the fly when it got dry was tickling his nose and making him sneeze. He thought that if he went back to the car, he could cut down the fly and make it less sneezy. So he also gets the bright idea to try and pull the barbed end all the way through his nose so that he can then crimp the barb or cut it off and be free from that fly. Well if you know anything about your nose it's one big chunk of cartilege and a big barbed hook like that aint gonna slide to easily into cartilege. So the end result is that we went to Enumclaw Hospital to get it removed. Well, this is cow town hospital and they don't always use common sense like numbing the appropriate area till they've tried to pull my friends nose off, he looked like a modern day pinokeo w/ a huge bandage jutting out between his eyes by the time they were done w/ him. He never went back to FFing much after that.


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Snake said:
I looked up a bunch of stuff about freezing super-cooled water the next week, and even with controlled lab conditions it's hard to consistently replicate the effect.
True ... but you can do it with Gatorade real easily. Take a 20 oz container, unopened, of Gatorade and toss it in your freezer. Sometime before it actually freezes, take it out and take a big gulp of it. It'll freeze in your mouth and you can watch it freeze back into the bottle ... the whole bottle will actually freeze in your hand.

When I did this the Gatorade had been in the freezer about an hour and a half. If you want to figure out the timing, you can always put two bottles in the freezer 20 minutes or so apart. When you find the first bottle's frozen, do the experiment on the second bottle.

I never bothered trying to figure out the timing because in all actuality, this is not a pleasant experience ... kind of disgusting ... it's not at all tasty and the feeling is just strange ... but I've done it twice by accident!



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well dont let this thread die yet!, lots of you guys said you have a lot of stories and i want to hear them all

once i was fishing the spoke, i was looking at a osprey diving and catching all the fish, (i love watching them do that even if they're getting everything and i have nothing.) and i had my fifty dollar "AIRflow" fly line in the water, then i hear this smacking/chewing sound i turn around and the stupid beaver is chewing on my line!, i yell at it and it says it notices me by slaping his tale on the water and drenching me.

i once hooked a swallow on a backcast.
You can also "supercool" club soda or other not-to-sugary sodas. When water cools it needs to expand to freeze, if the bottle is unopened the pressure from the gas will keep it liquid until the gas is released. So take a bottle of club soda stick it in the freezer and when you open it, it will freeze to a slushy consistency. This happened to me on accident when I was in Jackson Hole Wyoming, it was so cold that it "supercooled" our beverages that were in the car.

When I was in Montana I accidently hit a bat mid-air on my forward stroke with my rod. The bat was stunned and just landed on the water when it recovered and flew off into the night.
This isn't weird, just typical for me.
I was at Ft. Casey target steelhead in the salt a few years ago with small weighted squid patterns. Barbell eye weighted. I had the old workhorse the 10 foot 8 weight RPL + and my tibor with a saltwater floater and a weighted squid pattern. They were a few gear fishmen out there with me throwing hoochies and retrieving them. As usual out there the wind is kicking ass. Well it was one backcast too many that did me in. I was really punching that line out there with double hauls and following with my head and eyes. I knew I should have shot the whole mess on the next to last stroke, but in the enjoyment of casting went for one more. As I transitioned from forward stroke to rear, I could see that fly as clear as a bell coming straight at me like a big league fastball. I don't know why, but I just stared rightt at it. It hit me right between the eyes. WHACK. I dropped to a knee and saw the ole white lights go off. The impact was so loud, two gear fishemen about 30 yards away (remember its windy, so sound is muffled) dropped their rods and came running. Well one guy was about 350, so maybe he was jogging, but I appreciated the effort. I just sat there for a minute taking an 8 count and then slowly stood up. That thing was stuck deep in my head. The faster of the the two gear fishmen (he would have gotten away from the Grizzley, maybe that's what he looks for in a fishing buddy) asked me if I was okay.
"Other than this squid stuck in my skull, I feel great!" Thanks goodness for de-barbed hooks. He pulled it out with some plyers and the big fella went to his truck (now that took awile) and got me some tape, gauze and a beer. I was bleeding like a stuck pig, so we cleaned it up popped a top and went back to fishing. I got skunked, like I always seem to do fishing for steelies in the salt and headed home. I don't admire my casting anymore, I just shoot that baby out there as fast as possible. All I could think of driving home that night was A Christmas Story with the guy from the "Night Stalker" (remember the one underground in old Seattle) and Ralphie being told, "You'll shoot your eye out!" Tight lines Coach :beer2:
I supercooled a Heineken on accident. Left it in the freezer for an hour or so, remembered it was in there and when I pulled it out of the freezer it was still liquid. Popped the top and it started freezing from the top down . It was cool to watch but I didnt want it to explode in my hand so I tossed it in the dumpster.

Just be careful about superheating water in your microwave. Exploding water in your face can ruin your day.

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