Swap Bull / Dolly "Quality Swap"

Alpine you in?

No bail needed.... this time. Been out whor'n around eastern Wa, catching all of Zens pet fish.

Address stuff;

Chris Daniels
PO BOX 341
Snohomish, WA 98290

Willie Bodger

Still, nothing clever to say...
I'm in. BTW, mine changed from Skagit minnow to a clouser type fly pattern I got from Jimmy Lemert that's supposed to be da bomb. I'd include a pic, but that would ruin the suspense... ;)
i just finished doing 12 and used the last of my hooks and deer hair so it would be tough for me to get a cpl more unless we can push the due date back a week. that was a sick brown u caught tho yard.
Ok, cool... 14 Tiers - New date Nov 7th.

I'm stoked. I'll definatly gonna be putting them through some field testing. :thumb:

Thanks Mark, looks like you guys have been doing well over there in the Miz.

Are those Clark browns moving up in the tribs yet? Gonna try to get back over there in the next couple weeks to see if I can't stick a few.
Good thing I read the thread, was just about ready to seal the package. Will tie one more tomorrow and tie one on tonight:beer1: . Did run out of kevlar thread though so there will be three tied with standard black.


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