Swap Bull / Dolly "Quality Swap"

Sweet, I have not checked my PO box yet so I dunno whats in or not but I'm sure it's over loaded. Figure I'll wait till friday to go and grab everything. If there are any slackers I'll get on'm, to get their shit in by the end of next week. After that I'll be shipping everything out. :beer2:

Joe M.

another addict
'Yard you should find mine in your box... I sent them last week.

Spanishfly, what if you just post a pic of your fly with the name; that would serve the same purpose.
Ok, Grabbed whatever was at the post office and here is who's I got in so far.

Daryle H.
Justin H
W. Bodger
Mark R.
Joe M.
Matt B.

So I think that just leaves Flybill & Ak_Powder left. Got a pm from AK a few days ago so those should be here soon. After everyone is in I'll be shipping them out asap.

All the flies look seriously deadly. I can't wait for the water to get down a bit to start some field testing. Ringlee that fleshy-egg tube fly is gonna get some playing time for sure. :beer2:


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Sorry guys, I'm still not done, so if you want to get them out I understand.

I will get them done by this weekend if you want to wait. I've just had too much work and a few personal things going on.

And yes I suck, I've had plenty of time... Sorry...
Yeah...I can wait too. Like we got a choice here Bill! JFK. Hurry up so you and I can go hit the water again. We'll be deep into the winter run here pretty quick.
I'll be hitting the po box today to see if Flybills/Ak's stuff is in. Try to get some good photos of everything and send'm out this week. :beer2: