seattle drift boat supply stores???


Trout Bum
Fisheries by Gasworks

Also if Shoreline isn't too far away, Swiftwater Sports on 15th NE, just north of 175th.

David Loy

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FYI - I've looked at these locations with dubious results. Oar locks for instance will be of the rowboat variety, NOT the substantial larger gauge stuff you will need. Not sure you will find Cataract (or equivalent) oars anywhere in town. There are several river raft and rafting companies in town but they have little stock. Doubt you will find other accessories like oar-rights or counterbalances. You might call Lavro (in Monroe). Jim (and his wife) are very knowlegeable and have good gear if in stock. Otherwise, NRS.
2 cents
i have the heavy duty oar locks you need if you are going to be on the eastside anytime soon .... just an extra pair that have been in my garage for a year