Another Lincoln Park report - 10/07

Well, I went to the park this morning and fished from about 6:45 - 8:30. Tide was high at 5:45, so I was on the ebb. Full moon over calm water was beautiful. Watching my popper skidding across the reflection of the moonlight was worth the trip alone. I landed one small silver (10-12") and lost three more in the same size range. Had many missed strikes, but nothing seemed big. I know this report sounds the same as what I post every time, but I seem to experience the same thing every time. I did, however, see quite a few jumpers today out further in the tide rip. Some of them looked to be okay-sized silvers (2-4 lb range). Not huge, but they sure would be fun to catch. Anyway, I'm curious if anyone has had much success with searuns lately at Lincoln Park or in the general West Seattle area. My wife is 9 months pregnant right now, so I can't venture far on my fishing trips. I caught a few SRC's earlier in the year, but haven't seen any around here in quite awhile.