steep drift boat takeout



Any advice on how to rope manage a long steep drift boat take out where the boat has to be winched up farther than the tow strap length?

I'm headed for a takeout on the Klickitat that I haven't used or seen before, and I'm wondering how to be best prepared. Thanks!


AKA Joe Willauer
if your talking about the slide just back your tralier way down and you should be able to pull your boat up enough to attach the winch strap, i cant do it with my 16' clack. if that doesnt work just make up the gap between your winch strap and the boat with a length of rope and start winching, also make your buddies help pull while you winch, will make things much easier.


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Friends... Lots of Friends... Or beer to make friends at the takeout... They will be short term friends, but you'll get your boat at least! :beer2:

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