Connecticut River, Pittsburg, NH

I just returned home from a trip to Boston, MA and Nashua/Pittsburg, NH. Of course I loaded my luggage with fly fishing gear and headed up to fish the upper Connecticut River outside of Pittsburg, can't take a trip without fly fishing! The weather was beautiful, with the foliage a peak colors, and the fishing was spectacular. I fished for a day and a half and managed to land several landlocked Atlantic Salmon the largest being 22" which had moved into the river, one nice 17" Brown, several Eastern Brook Trout...including one 13" and one 15", and several Rainbows one of which was 16". I definitely recommend the Lopstick Lodge for overnight lodging, and the Connecticut River is a site to behold. Enjoy the pics and feel free to pm me if your heading out that way!


John Hicks

Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits
Hey who said you could fish my water. By the way don't be given away my honey hole. No one knows about the upper connecticut. :p

Great report. Good to hear someone enjoying the fishing out here. It has been a spectacular fall for fishing freshwater here.
salmosalar said:
Landlocks and fenway. That is all I really miss from back east.
Oh, believe me...I went to Fenway. I watched the last game of the Redsox season against the Orioles on October 1st. The game ended up being rained out after the sixth inning...but the Redsox prevailed 9-0. Go Bo Sox.


"Say, nice bead head earring"
Hey Wild those are some nice pics! I went up and fished the Connecticut on closing wknd and came up with one fish which popped off at the net. Talked to others who had the same luck. Your right though, beautiful river.

I used to live in Olympia and do miss the cutts in the salt but I've been doing some serious exploring since relocating to Alexandria, NH this summer. Drop me a line if your in the area next year and we'll do some fishing. I've been doing well on Atlantic salmon in the Pemi until the rain blew it all to hell.:mad:


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